OnAbout Australia - An Adventurous Wine Tasting Kit

All about making wine education more fun. OnAbout Australia is a wine tasting adventure for the senses! A handy kit with everything needed for a fun-filled, easy and comprehensive introduction to the wonderful world of wine.

We've all been hearing about how great Australian wine is, it seems to be the hippest wine available. But what if you don't know anything from wine and you couldn't tell a California wine from a French wine? Let alone be able to jump on the bandwagon of how great the Australian wines are. For that matter maybe all you really know are wine comes in red and white. Leave it to those clever resourceful Aussies to create something to help those with a less sophisticated palate, learn how to appreciate their ambrosial offerings.

OnAbout Australia is an experience; incorporating wine, games, music, fun and learning. To be used alone or shared with friends, this wine
tasting party kit is all about good times, understanding wine and
discovering your preferences.

Wine Lovers James and Linda Evenden, have a passion for making wine accessible and easy to understand. They came up with the concept of an interactive wine tasting kit when friends expressed a desire to gain knowledge about wine. Their friends were feeling intimidated and didn't know where to start. Inspired by this James and Linda set about making the first interactive at-home kit complete with everything needed for a fun-filled, easy and comprehensive introduction to the wonderful world of wine.

The wine tasting kit adventure includes:

Premium Australian Wines

Sticks 2004 Chardonnay & RockBare 2003 Shiraz:
Two highly-rated wines;
enough to share with 8 friends;
a ready-to-go wine tasting party!





Wine Game Cards

Fun with Wine Cards:
Games, trivia & out of the box surprises to add to the fun & enhance your experience.







Close your eyes & open your senses to awaken the wine lover within.






Cool Aussie Tunes

OnAbout Cafe Music:
Cool Aussie tunes transport you to the sidewalk cafes of Oz & invite your audio senses to join in on the fun






Scratch & Sniff Cards

Scratch & Sniff Cards:
Train your nose & identify the common aromas found in different wines. Enjoy some sweet scents & learn to spot faulty wine.





Wine Tip Coaster Book

OnAbout Wine Tips Coaster Book:
Filled with useful tools & tips on wine tasting, buying & storing.






What wine experts are saying about the quality of the wine in this kit.

The RockBare 2003 Shiraz: "' the sexy 2003 Shiraz' reveals admirably glycerin, fine expansiveness, tremendous purity, and layers of fruit." 89 points Robert M. Parker Jr. The Wine Advocate

Sticks Wines: "From the Yarra Valley' the fruit is prominent, the wines are impeccably pure, and moreover they offer immediate appeal' serious winemaking."  Robert M. Parker Jr. The Wine Advocate

OnAbout Australia Wine Tasting Kit

I'm using my kit to throw a party with a mix of friends; those who are into wine and those with less experience, but just like a good party. I'll let you know the results.


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