Everglo - For Happily Ever Afters!

With packaging inspired by tribal tattoos and motorcycle art EVERGLO has been in development by the folks at  Wingard for years. It is the FIRST liquor whose primary alcohols are TEQUILA and VODKA. The idea for EVERGLO started with Tequila. Nothing screams party like Tequila. People love to say TEQUILA!!!!! Unfortunately, many don't like the taste of Tequila.

Knowing that they needed to balance the fiery taste of the Tequila with something smooth cool and sophisticated. The folks at Wingard decided that a triple distilled vodka was the clear choice. But they still weren't done - seeing that there were many energy drinks on the market with ingredients like Guarana, Taurine, even Caffeine and that people were consuming these at bars mixed with alcohol. They  thought "why not have a liquor with the energy aspects already included. No mixing necessary!". Many combinations were tested and Caffeine and Ginseng were selected to help give a quick boost and delayed stamina. This is the FIRST liquor to combine these two elements.


One of the founders of Wingard Howard Goldstein has always said "if you give people a cheap product, you may sell it once, but if you give them a quality product, people will come back and order it many times." EVERGLO uses only the finest ingredients. We take fresh lemons and limes, which are washed, hand-cut, and immediately distilled into the vodka for a smooth distinctive taste.


A delicate emerald hued glowing color EVERGLO is a very sweet smooth drink. So smooth in fact it's hard to detect that what you are drinking is alcoholic. But with the innovative combination of premium alcohols and energy products EVERGLO, packs a punch. So when you take a sip of this drink make sure to fasten your seatbelt because it could turn out to be a bumpy ride.
If you like to walk on the wild side and EVERGLO isn't enough on its own. Then try some of these drink ideas.


Kentucky Crack
Equal parts: Everglo & Makers Mark Bourbon
Fill up with ginger ale
Squeeze lemon wedge

Happily Ever After
Splash Hennessey's
Pineapple Juice
Seven Up


Citron Vodka
Splash cointreau
Splash sweet and sour mix
Splash rose's lime juice
Cranberry juice

3 parts Everglo
1 part Vodka
Shake with Ice
Serve in a Martini Glass
Float Ginger ale on top
Garnish with a lime

After Glo
1 part EverGlo
1 part Pineapple
1 part Ginger Ale

For more go to http://www.everglo.com/

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