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The Clif Bar came out of a desire by founder Gary Erickson to make a better tasting energy bar. Gary accomplished that and now he has done that and so much more, as Clif Bar has an entire line of bars and workout products that are all made with that same special touch and care as that very first bar.

One of the many flavors of Clif Bar

The Clif Bar is where it all began and this still is probably the most popular and recognizable item, as well as the one that you can find in almost any store that you go into. The Clif Bar now comes in 15 varieties and is made with 70% organic ingredients. Some of the fabulous flavors are; Cookies N' Cream, Blueberry Crisp and Crunchy Peanut Butter. Whether you are getting ready for a workout, a hike or just need an afternoon snack, you won't find a better bar to get you going.

Clif Bar has taken organic to the next level, well actually the final level with the Clif Nectar coming in at 100% organic. This organic fruit and nut bar comes in five flavors and provides two servings of fruit and after one bite you will feel 100% organic with its pure and natural texture and taste.

The 100% Organic Nectar Bar

The Clif Shot line of products gives you a variety of choices that are made specifically for the performance-oriented athlete. The Clif Shot Electrolyte drink helps replace the fluids you lose while you are sweating and the Clif Shot Recovery drink provides sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium to help your body recover after a tough workout.

The Clif Shot Energy Gel is great if you need that carbohydrate boost to fuel you up before you get going on your workout. If you need that extra burst of energy, the Gel comes in Cola and Mocha flavors that have 50mg of caffeine and the Double Espresso is loaded with 100mg of caffeine.

The Clif Shot Bloks

For the athlete on the move and not a lot of storage room, the Clif Shot Blok is perfect for you. The Blok comes in a small package that contains six Bloks, each is 10g and the entire package provides 200 calories. The Shot Blok is also the first product in the SHOT line to be USDA certified organic.

The Bloks and Gel products both have brown rice syrup as its main ingredient, which provides easily assimilated carbohydrates for working muscles as well as mineral salts known as electrolytes.

Finally for the athlete who is looking for that extra protein as they hit the weight room, the Clif Builder's Bar gives you just that with 20g of soy and nut proteins. The Builder's Bar comes in four flavors and will provide you with muscle health and recovery after physical activity.

As good as the Clif Bar products are, the company itself is even better. Clif Bar uses organic ingredients, they have adopted green business practices, work to fight global warming and support their partners in sustainability. To learn more about how Clif Bar works to improve the environment as well as programs such as CLIF Causes and PROJECT 2080as well as more information on its products, visit its website at

Clif Bar also has an entire line of products geared for women and products for children as well so if you are looking for a great tasting bar and much more and you want to support a company that supports the environment, give Clif Bar a try.

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