Carnivo XO

Carnivo XO Liqueur boasts a mix of fine French Vodka, exotic tropical fruit juices, and the award winning Menuet XO Cognac. With it's distinct taste, signature light green color, and stylish bottling, Carnivo XO is an entirely new taste and perfect for any occasion.


The fine cognac in Carnivo Xo comes from the Grand Champagne region of France, made with Ugni Blanc grapes, it is double distilled and aged to perfection. Every Carnivo XO ingredient including the use of XO quality cognac, works in perfect harmony to create this perfectly delicious drink.

Carnivo XO is developed and distributed by Carnivo Unlimited, the first African American company to exclusively import Cognac into the United States. Carnivo XO, a Cognac based liqueur. is a palate pleasing sensual blend of award winning X.O. Cognac Premium French Vodka and Tropical Berries. This synergistic marriage of quality ingredients renders Carnivo XO as a remarkably luxurious and smooth creation. The perfect union of these ingredients supports Carnivo XO as truly being  "A Celebration in every sip, a party in every bottle."


Not to many years ago when you mentioned Cognac, it would conjure up the images of older men sitting in some exclusive men's club sipping from brandy snifters and puffing on cigars. Today when you mention Cognac, pictures of Hollywood Starlets and Music Moguls partying at the hottest club on Sunset Blvd, swirl around. Lots of pre-mixed drinks use it as a main ingredient in their recipes. But have you ever noticed that they never just say Cognac but you'll see it with initials like V.S., V.S.O.P. and X. O. after it?  Do you want to know what those initials mean? Well I'm glad you asked. I had the same question and the folks at Carnivo XO were happy to answer it for me.

So here goes: V.S. is typically aged between 2-4 Years, V.S.O.P  is aged 4 -7 years, and X.O. is aged around15 years.


The aroma profile of Carnivo XO is sweet and fruity, the top notes are distinctively tropical, with a hint of citrus lingering at the end. The flavor profile that is designed to maintain its consistency over ice is sweet and blends tropical fruit with an overtone of berries and an undertone of cognac.

Carnivo XO is getting rave reviews from all demographics and should prove to be a major mover in the trend of mixed Cognac drinks.

Carnivo is available in stores and online at .

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