Airforce Nutrisoda is an exciting new alternative

I was fascinated by the concept of a drink that tastes good and also has a purpose. Each of their seven different sodas has a distinctive function designed to help your body, mind and spirit.  I would feel much more comfortable drinking (and having my children drink) a Nutrisoda versus a regular cola.  And I would know that I was adding valuable vitamins and herbs to my diet. 

Airforce  Nutrisoda is an exciting new alternative to 'other sodas.' Nutrisoda is available in seven interesting varieties with unique flavors and supplements.  They also use water that has been filtered four times for extra purity.  These drinks come in a handy size, (8.4 fl oz) to me; they are the perfect amount, not too much and not too little.

The different flavors that they provide are quite unique and very tasty.  I loved the Pomegranate Blueberry and the Marderin Mint.  The complexities of the flavors seemed to play off of one another and do nothing but make me smile and enjoy the refreshing drink.

With regard to children these days, I gave some of the drinks to my kids (who range in age from 7 to 14) and they loved them.  The fact that they basically taste like soda, but offer much more in the area of nutrition made it a superior substitution in their lunches for school.

And then you have the 'Cool Factor,' once my children came home from

school they all told me to get some more because their friends all wanted to try them.   Even though they are a bit pricy, I think that they are worth it given the nutritional value that they add to the body.

Radiant; A combination of blueberry and pomegranate. As the name says, this is designed to help improve the health and elasticity to skin giving it a younger feel and look.  Radiant contains L-lysine, L-proline, L-arginine, herbs, vitamins and green tea just to mention a few of its key ingredients.

Immune; This one speaks for itself it is packed full of herbs and vitamins designed to build a healthy immune system and to fight off those nasty colds. It is an invigorating mix of tangerine and lime.

Focus; 'See life clearly' Focus is a delicious combination of mango and peach flavors. Focus is designed to help your concentration and to sharpen your mind with the help of many herbs and vitamins including vitamins B, C, and E!

Flex; Helps lubricate, repair and restore active joints with a whopping 500 mg of Glucosamine, 400 mg of Chondroitin, amino acids, herbs and vitamins. Flex is an enticing mix of black cherry and apple. 

Energize; Mandarin and Mint provide tantalizing excitement to your taste buds!  This is my personal favorite. Energize combines Magnesium, herbs, vitamins and amino acids to boost your energy level. 

Calm; Delicious wild berry and citron flavor, plus a non-habit forming combination of herbs, folic acid and vitamins. Calm helps you relax and take on the day. 

Slender; Pink grapefruit and guava come together to refresh and restore!  Slender is designed with active ingredients to help boost your metabolism and helps reduce the conversion of carbohydrates to fat.  With a healthy diet and exercise, Splender may just help you achieve the body you want!

Airforce Nutrisoda  has zero sugar- zero carbs-zero calories- zero caffeine and zero aspartame. However, it is sweetened with Sucralose (splenda brand.) I am not a big fan of artificial sweeteners because I don't care for the after taste. Sucralose does not leave a bad after taste, just a distinctive taste.  I did look into Sucralose and it has been scientifically tested and it is completely safe for adults, children and those with diabetes.  Airforce Nutrisoda is a bit pricey at $35.00 for 24 cans.

Nutrisoda can be purchased online at  or throughout the Northeast and Central states in various retail stores including Target.  Currently Nutrisoda is not yet widely available in the western states. For more information or to speak to a dietician regarding Nutrisoda visit

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