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Welcome and thank you for registering with Splash Magazines Worldwide. I am very excited to have you as a member of the [CITY] Splash Magazine team and would like to get you working with us ASAP.

So let's get started! The first step is for you to write and send us your first article along with suitable photos. One of our team of Editors will gladly help you initially until you get the hang of posting the articles yourself. Once you are able to post your articles completely on your own, you will be eligible for the better assignments and if you desire, more responsibilities.

Your first article can be on any topic that would be suitable for one of our 10 sections which include: Entertainment & Culture, Food & Beverage, Home & Office, Tech Talk, Health & Beauty, Style & Fashion, Travel & Leisure, Life's Journey, New to [CITY] and Vehicles . This initial article should not require you to speak to an owner or to through any PR or Media contacts since that communication must only be through our home office here in LA! If you need to contact anyone to complete your article, get us the contact information and what you need and we will get it for you.

The sections that are in need of the most articles are:

[CITY] Entertainment & Culture Section

1) Charities

a) Performances

2) [CITY] restaurant reviews

3) [CITY] Health & Beauty reviews of area spas, salons, clinics, beauty treatments & procedures, etc. (tough work I know)

4) New to [CITY]

a) Moving to [CITY] - What a person moving to [CITY] would want to know

i) Where to register, rent or buy a car, get mail, good locations to live, eat, shop, etc.

b) Visiting [CITY] - What a visitor to [CITY] would find helpful, such as local tourist destinations, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

All articles must be at least 500 words and include 4 or more photos. Look through [CITY] Splash magazine's articles to get an idea. Once you have written your article, email it along with the photos to [email protected] and we will get it posted for you.

After your article is posted, I will set you up as a 'Trusted Journalist' which allows you full access to our systems so you can learn how to post your articles completely on your own, how to request events, assignments and more. Once you do learn the process, you will see it is very creative and fulfilling.

Finally, I would like to share with you the main thrill I have in publishing my 20 online magazines. I have started many businesses in my life but Splash Magazines Worldwide, which I started as a hobby and now spend 100 hours a week on, stands alone in the fulfillment I receive by creating a win-win situation five times over:

Win #1 - The PR Company that represents the client wins when they arrange for their client to be featured in our magazines; especially when our articles come up in the top 10 in Google searches or first in the world, which usually happens!

Win #2 - The client wins because an article can be worth from $5,000-$10,000 in exposure for each month it remains posted.

Win #3 - You win when you experience the unique opportunities and V.I.P. treatment that, in some cases, you would otherwise never experience were it not for your role as a freelance journalist for Splash Magazines Worldwide. You are often receiving treatment reserved for celebrities. I believe you will find this adventure highly rewarding when your opinions, as expressed in your articles, are read by people in over 200 countries worldwide, and when you see them come up ranked in the TOP TEN in Google searches!

Win #4 - Our readers win when they have the opportunity to be informed as they read new interesting articles you have posted.

Win #5 - We win because we get new articles for our magazines.

I very much look forward to a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with you.

Please feel free to contact your assigned Editor or me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Lawrence Davis
Publisher/Editor in Chief
Splash Magazines Worldwide
8033 Sunset Blvd. #841
Hollywood CA 90046


[email protected]

With local editions in the following 20 cities: Amsterdam, Atlanta -, Barcelona, Bangkok, Boston -, Chicago -, Dallas -, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, London -, Los Angeles -, Miami -, New York -, Paris -, San Diego -, San Francisco -, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington D.C.

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