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The gorgeous Vivien

The Valley of the Dolls (www.thevalleyofthedolls.com) is proud to offer the largest selection of Pullip dolls on the West Coast.  The Valley was created in the summer of 2005 in Hollywood, California and has enjoyed many successes since their launch. The Valley has exclusive distribution rights with Jun Planning USA, and are set to become the premier site for your entire Pullip doll needs. With so much to offer besides their exclusive online doll shop, TVOTD also have a gallery with photos and a links page to your favorite sites as well as a wish list, and gossip page for future doll releases.

Adorable Stica

Pullips are dolls created by the Korean company Chunsang Chunha and marketed by JUN Planning of Japan and were originally released in the summer of 2003. Pullip has a fully articulated (30 articulation points) hard plastic body. Pullips are about 11" tall with an oversized head and large eyes. A unique feature of these dolls is their eye mechanism. You can make their eyes move side to side by moving a lever located on the back of their head, and make their eyes wink by pushing on buttons located beside the lever, either one at a time, or together to make both her eyelids close.


Each Pullip comes with a unique outfit and accessories. With her fashionable style, model looks, and adorable oversized head, Pullip has quickly achieved an impressive level of popularity around the world. Fan sites featuring the doll in various outfits and poses are cropping up at a rapid pace. Taeyang is Pullip's male counterpart, and can be seen in equally funky clothes and poses.  A new Pullip is issued each month. Pullip dolls are only made in limited quantities. So the next time you look for her, she might be gone.  Pullip dolls are never remade and are only released in a limited first issue, so if you are searching for a particular favorite Pullip, you can contact The Valley of the Dolls and they will try to locate her for you.


Scot Reyes, owner of TVOTD, started collecting Pullip in 2004. After working at a major toy company for several years, Scot eventually decided to branch out on his own, leaving the fast paced and exciting world of toy design behind. While working in younger girl consumer product, Scot noticed that there was something missing with the way toy design is approached here in the United States. There was something very impersonal about most modern toy design for girls. Scot accidentally stumbled across these amazing dolls and Pullip impressed him with her individuality, style and charisma. While his first doll, Venus, had a lot of clothes, she was still very lonely. Venus Pullip longed to be surrounded by her sisters and brothers, cousins and friends (fellow dolls). Scot eventually made very good friends with Jun Planning, and he was soon on his way to finding out more and more about this amazing girl!


Alice in Pullip-land

The fact that there is very little information supplied with the dolls leaves much to the imagination of the parent (owner). While keeping respect for the Pullip community, and as not to take away from the cult following of Pullip, Scot decided that he wanted to introduce Pullip to a select group of individuals who respect her as much as he does. Currently The Valley of the Dolls is an online shop, however TVOTD is set to become a brick and mortar boutique opening in late 2007, allowing Scot to share this unique phenomenon with everyone outside of the internet. For now you can tour his web site and learn more about this wonderful girl from Japan who has stolen many hearts. Keep in mind that The Valley of The Dolls carries Pullip as well as Blythe, J-Doll, AI, Pinky Street, Rement Miniatures, Dollcena, Dal and Taeyang.  For more information please visit: www.thevalleyofthedolls.com



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