LA Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2007

Freelance Journalists for LA Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2007

Enjoy attending fashion shows and writing about them?

Fashion Week will take place October 15th 19th and there will be dozens of opportunities not only at Mercedes Benz but throughout the city before, during and after these dates. Your articles will appear in all 20 of our Magazine Sites and most assuredly come up in the top 10 Google searches if not First in the World!

We need several people who are knowledgeable about fashion & fashion trends to attend the various fashion shows for the Spring 2007 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios Spring 2007. You would need to write articles &/or do photography about ALL the designers shows and parties that you attend. 

Go to and click on our Style & Fashion Section to see some of the articles done in the past. If you do Google Searches on our articles, you will see we come up FIRST IN THE WORLD more often than not!

We need DEPENDABLE, cultured, talented people with great writing skills to do this assignment as freelance journalists.

There will also be opportunities to do interviews with some of the designers and back stage passes to see the makeup process of the Smashbox makeup artists.

You would be responsible for the following: ARRIVE ON TIME, attend the events you choose, write a review of the shows you attend, and POST YOUR ARTICLES ON TIME (This includes manipulating the photos we will get from our own photographer, or pictures you take if you want to or we will get pictures from the PR people). The articles are due within a couple of days of the actual show. The PR people for the event usually provide press releases so it is not difficult to write the review. Think of it as if you are telling a friend what you thought about a particular designer and the facts are provided by the PR people. You will be taught from our exact procedures how to post the events and reviews to our website yourself.

Your articles will be seen by more people in the world who are reading about fashion online than any other publication!

A little about us:

LASplash Magazine is a division of Splash Magazines Worldwide. In addition to ">LA
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We are online lifestyle magazines that receive approximately 15-20 million hits each month from all over the world. All our growth is without any advertising; it is growth due to word of mouth the best kind! You can see that we are a very heavily trafficked web magazine, which will expose your writing throughout the entire world. We currently have readers in 198 countries. Please visit our websites.

IF INTERESTED, PLEASE SEND A PERSONALIZED RESUME ASAP with your resume in the body of the email.

If you are chosen to be one of our fashion journalists, we will register you but you will be required to pay the $50 registration fee.  

We are also looking for a Fashion Editor who would be involved in organization and who would get first choice of shows to attend and whose registration fee would be paid.


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