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This is a dream job!

Internships offered year round.

You can work from our office in Laurel Canyon and/or your home and cover the events in Los Angeles and around the world!

Internship with a highly trafficked Los Angeles based online lifestyle magazine. Check us out at

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LA Spalsh is a division of Splash Magazines Worldwide, a rapidly growing online lifestyle magazine.

Some of the job duties done by our interns:

  • Post calendar events of interesting things happening in the Los Angeles area, giving them first choice to attend these events.
  • Go to concerts, V.I.P. events, film screenings, parties and charity events for our Entertainment & Culture section .
  • Go to fashion shows, events and do clothes reviews for our Style & Fashion section.
  • Eat at various restaurants to do reviews and go to restaurnat openings for our Food & Beverage section.
  • Get and use makeup and all types of spa treatments to be able to review them for our Beauty & Body section.
  • Have free hotel rooms, city tours, etc. for our Travel & Leisure section.
  • Play with all kinds of technology products both hardware, software and games for our Tech Talk section.
  • Experience all the Los Angeles offers in our New to LA section.
  • Write about people from infants to the golden years including romance and relationships in our Life's Journey section.
  • Explore what is interesting and fun in the home, garden, office and with pets in our Home & Office section.
  • Mess with cars, motorcycles and their accessories for our Vehicle section.
  • Find beautiful girls and handsome guys for our Fresh Faces section.

 Etc. etc. just check our site to see more.


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In addition to doing the postings for Los Angeles events, you would be able to attend events and write articles and reviews. Things such as plays, opera, film screenings, spas, restaurant reviews, concerts, basically anything you see that we cover in the ten sections of our magazines. This could even in time include travel articles but you need to prove yourself and start small to prove that you are a very responsible person as well as a good and timely writer. As your experience and dependability grow, we would potentially 'upgrade' our interns to assistant editor or editors.

Your hours will be very flexible since you will be making your own schedule! We work 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm.


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Here is the basic information for our Internship Program. We would set you up with all the necessary online tools as well as instructions on how to post calendar events in our LA Splash magazine. We will teach you the knowledge and ability to write and post actual articles that will usually come up in the top ten if not first in Google searches. You would be trained from very specific instructions that you will need to follow. We will teach you how to do mail merges, use Photoshop for our needs of photo manipulation, to search for and mine information needed to be able to attend events. We will teach you how to communicate with the appropriate PR people etc. You would need to be a great listener and fast learner. You would be set up with an email account that you would use to notify the PR people that you have posted their events and to be able to ask for an RSVP for you and a guest. We would set you up with the ability to communicate with us and others around the world.

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      There is no cash for this internship, just the knowledge gained, the perks received, being treated like a celebrity and being able to experience things you would otherwise never be able to experience. Although there is no age or academic requirements, if you are taking this internship for school credit, and its ok with your school for a remote internship, you can tailor your work week to fit in as many hours as you need. If you are just doing it for the experience, your hours are totally flexible and up to you. If we work together and you are assertive, you will find that the 'power of the press' offers limitless benefits. You will be able to make article/story proposals, get media passes to local events, request products to review, and get your writing out where it needs to be; published and online for the world to see.

We are looking for talented, self motivated individuals with exceptional listening and great communication skills. You should have a strong desire to work within the media, must be open to leaning new information, be willing to follow and learn procedures, enjoy writing, organization, office projects, public relations and editing. You must also have a friendly personable attitude that will positively represent our organization through your writing and at events you would attend.

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Possible Intern duties:

  • Working on editorial calendars.
  • Prioritizing projects and completing them in a timely manner.
  • Doing outreach for products to review.
  • Organizing the workflow for the journalists who work with us at LA Splash from story conception to editing, posting and notifications.
  • Getting yourself and/or others to attend events like theaters, ballets, screenings, parties, charity evetns, restaurnat and spa openings, etc. and to make sure that articles are posted and PR people are notified.
  • Write press releases and contact PR companies.
  • Posting events in our online calendar.
  • Harvesting information from the net.
  • Making media contacts.
  • Doing research.
  • Writing and posting articles and stories, interviews.
  • Contacting and maintaining communications with relevant PR firms, and media relations personnel.

If you are interested, please Click HERE and choose Intern for Position and complete the form. We will get in touch with you shortly.  

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