Exchange Office Help, Journalism, Programing, Cooking=Free Rent, Util

Female or Male or Couple or Parent and Child wanted for Legitimate Work Exchange for Rent and Utilities.

I do this exchange because I am a workaholic and need lots of help with many things including my businesses and domestic duties. I don't take the time to eat (properly) and am way behind in my work.

You would be helping both my girlfriend and me.

I have been doing this for many years and it works great as a true win-win situation for responsible, honest, punctual people who need flexibility in their lives for auditions, starting their own business, figuring what they want to do when they grow up or any other reason. It is not suitable for someone with a full time job.

If you have any of these skills:

office/personal assistant

journalism, writing, editing

computer work

computer programing

web design

eBay sales

internet ad sales

PR, promotions


handy person repair



or gardening


you know how to and love to prepare healthy foods

 don't mind house work


If you Love the idea of living in nature but only 3 minutes to Hollywood...

Then you can exchange your rent and utilities for 25 flexible hours of work per week if you are a single person or 40 hours per week if you are two sharing one room.

You can earn a salary for hours you work above your exchange hours and I prefer that you do work the additional hours if possible.

The home is Drug and Smoker free, both in and out of the home.

Great location in Laurel Canyon, 3 minutes to Sunset, 5 minutes to Ventura Blvd but a feeling that you are in the middle of the country. All you see from the windows are trees.

The home was built in 1912 as a hunting lodge.

The home is decorated with antiques and has hardwood floors and a wood burning fireplace.

                              The first floor has the living room, dining room,



Living room and dinning room





Kitchen looking to breakfast room



Stove area of kitchen

  and breakfast room.

Breakfast room


  There are 5 acres of land & lots of gardens & hiking trails.


  There are 3 private rooms currently available for this exchange:



Middle room

                                 The first room is 12x14' and can have both dogs & cats if you have any. There is a shared bathroom adjoining this room as well as a bathroom downstairs.



Cat Room

This room is also 12x14' has one cat that you would be sharing the room with. She is a loving cat that do not go into the main house. She is an indoor/outdoor cat who does not have or need a litter box since she goes outside when nature calls. Because of the cat, other cats are ok but no dogs for this room unless they are small and used to cats. There is a shared bathroom adjoining this room as well as a bathroom downstairs.




This room is actually a library, and has a large picture window looking out at beautiful trees and is 12'x12'. It can be furnished or unfurnished and is usually used for couples. There is a bathroom outside off the kitchen that is used for this room.

The exchange covers the cost of:

                                and laundry
                                a phone is not included & would be up to you to pay for if you want one.

The home is less than 5 minutes from the dog park & there are lots of hiking trails, if you want to hike on our trails you can go up the mountain and down in about 15-30 minutes depending on how far & fast you want to go.
Plenty of parking on private property. Many of the duties listed would be shared with others.


Here is a list of the office duties which will be for my online magazines if you have the interest, skills and experience :

  •   Being able to Multi-Task
  •   Prioritizing projects and completing them in a timely manner.
  •   Lots & Lots of organization.
  •   Lots of writing for my lifestyle magazines if you have the skills.
  •   Editing if you are able.
  •  Scheduling events and making sure articles are submitted correctly and on time from many journalists in 20 cities around the world.
  •  Ability to handle projects independently.
  •  Helping to coordinate and train journalists and interns both here and abroad.                                                                               
  •  Organizing the work flow for the journalists who work for us from story conception to editing, posting and notifications of postings to PR contacts.
  •  Doing outreach for products to review.
  •  Organizing journalists and yourself if you want; to attend events like theaters, ballets, film screenings, spas, parties etc. Making sure that these people attend and turn in and post their articles.
  • General administration and office work.
  • Light phones.
  • Public relations, marketing and sales if you have the experience.
  • Posting calendar events.
  • Article posting and writing if you are interested as well as attending almost any events, restaurants, spas, in LA that you are willing to review, as well as beauty products, hotels etc.                                                                               
  • Harvesting worldwide media and PR contacts - establishing and maintaining relationships with these contacts.
  • Internet research.
  • Selling things on eBay if you know how.
  • Sales of online display ads                          

Here is a list of the domestic duties if you are interested and have the skills and experience:         

  • The cooking is for me and my girlfriend and includes feeding us as many times a week as possible I prefer 3 meals & 2 snacks or 6 small meals and the majority of the food to be healthy i.e. raw fruits veggies and veggie juices, etc.. The meals may be pre-prepared as necessary. (You may prepare your own food at the same time therefore in essence getting paid for doing something you would be doing anyway)
  • Feeding our 2 medium and 3 small dogs twice a day
  • Feeding our 2 cats once a day
  • Making our bed daily
  • General cleaning
  • Home & closet organization
  • Vacuuming our room daily to get rid of any dog hairs
  • Taking out the trash daily
  • Dusting the house as necessary
  • Doing laundry weekly
  • Shopping as necessary (you may purchase your own food at the same time therefore in essence getting paid for doing something you would be doing anyway)
  • Etc.

  Misc duties if you have the skills and experience:                     

  • We have items to sell on eBay
  • I have lots of things that need to be repaired including electrical, plumbing, skylights, plaster, paint, etc.
  • I would like to restore our home
  • We need to set up an online sales team
  • We are working on online video shows and need spokespersons, editors, tech people
  • We need computer programmers who know php and mySql      
  • We have lots of land for organic gardening and for flower and bulb plantings
  • etc.

There is full home use for tenant only, i.e. no guests are allowed at anytime. The deal here is that there are not guest privileges to keep it safer and more private for everyone.

A $500 deposit for a single or $800 deposit for a couple as well as references, are required.

We have a four step process:

  1. Phone interview.
  2. If the phone interview goes well then we do an in person interview and tour and applicaton get filled out.
  3. If the in person interview goes well we connect the next day with final questions and then we work together for a day to see if we can work together well.
  4. If that goes well, the person may move in provided they pass the background check and have the deposit.

As in any rental, I cannot hold a room without a deposit as well as cash or hours for the time the room is held. Therefore, if you are not looking for a rental soon, please contact us closer to the time you will need a place to see if something is still available.

If you are interested send us an email with information about why your qualifications would match the needs listed above and please put all that information in the body of the email.

Please include a photo as well.


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