Zirh Leaves A Man's Face Clear

The first thing you will notice about Zirh shaving gel is nothing. In this instance, noticing nothing is a good thing. This shaving gel is perfectly clear and is unlike any other shaving product I have seen. Clearly Zirh knew what it was doing when they created this brilliant product.

Ingredients generally don't interest anyone, but I'm going to give you the four in this product. The shave gel consists of aloe vera, ginseng, glycerin and seaweed extract. You aren't going to find these ingredients in your everyday over-the-counter shaving cream and that's why this is so different. These ingredients are all-natural and they all add something a little out of the ordinary to your shave.
As you first take out the shave gel, you really have to figure out how to apply this invisible concoction. But once you do you will find shaving becomes like skating on ice, you just glide effortlessly and your face feels as if nothing has been done to it.

Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Houswives at the Zirh Oscar Party



That product will blow you away with it's quality, but before and after your shave, Zirh will take you every step of the way to make sure your face is cared for.
They start you off with the botanical pre-shave oil that softens up that facial hair to give you an even closer shave. A pre-shave oil is one of those products that until you try it, you really have no idea what you are missing and what a benefit it adds to the shave.
After you complete your shave, you can splash on the alcohol-free aftershave relief tonic, which has a long list of natural ingredients that not only help relieve redness and razor burn, but also enhances collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkle formation.
The last step you skin needs is that moisturizer. Zirh again came up with a great combination of ingredients that help fight sun damage and dryness while also slowing down the aging process by improving skin texture and elasticity.

Zirh also provides it's Fix product, which does exactly as the name states, it will fix and repair any type of blemishses that can pop up, and this fixer outclasses any over the counter product you will find.

If you are looking for anything else, Zirh has it covered, from your hair to showering needs and anything else you can think of.
Zirh products are available in a number of stores, including; Bloomingdale's and Macy's. You can also get more information on Zirh and all of these and it's other products at www.Zirh.com.

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