Winter Beauty Solutions

Though we may not be experiencing the harsh, cold conditions plaguing the rest of the country, it doesn't mean we in Southern California are immune to winter's effects.  Low moisture levels in the air equal dry skin and hair and lots of static electricity, enough to wreak havoc on anyone's beauty routine. Here are some products to help keep you looking your best this season, no matter what the weather.


Multi-purpose moisturizing balms are a girl's best friend any time of year, but come in especially handy during winter.  Eucerin's Aquaphor Ointment can be used on lips, hands, feet, elbows - anywhere needing extra special care.  Keep a tube in your purse for a quick fix anytime. ($5.99 for a 1.75 oz. tube, at and drugstores). 

Nuxe Lip Balm

Chapped, flaky lips are the number-one winter woe for many.  Keep your pucker smooth and soft with a rich formula such as the indulgent Nuxe Honey Lipbalm.  Another cult favorite to try is Smith's Rosebud Salve, with it's faint floral scent and retro tin. ($17 and $4.75 at  If you prefer a more convenient stick, you can't go wrong with tried and true ChapStick.  The Lip Moisturizer formula is non-medicated, has SPF 15, and comes in a great new Vanilla Mint scent.  It's $1.99 at just about any drugstore or supermarket, so you can stash one in your purse, your medicine cabinet, and each of your winter jacket pockets!

Winter beauty

Facial skin can become especially sensitive this time of year from dry air and windy conditions.  Sonya Dakar's Soya Wash ($39 for 4 oz.) and Irritation Relief Complex ($45 for 1 oz.), originally formulated for Britney Spears' stressed complexion, are the perfect duo for combatting redness and irritation. (at  Treat very dry skin needing an extra boost of moisture to Astara's Golden Flame Hydrating Mask.  Oil-free with soothing aloe and botanicals, this is the answer for parched skin of any type. (2.2 oz. For $39 at Sephora)  And don't forget to defend your skin from sun damage - Neutrogena's Intensive Day Moisture with SPF 15 is the perfect light but intensive layer of protection.

Hands and Feet:
Calloused hands and ragged cuticles can be cured instantly with L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.  With 20% pure African Shea Butter, this ultra-rich formula relieves dryness with no greasy residue.  ($8 for 1 oz. at or the L'Occitane store in the Grove)  For a real treat for the feet, Bliss Softening Socks come with a built in moisturizing polymer gel coating.  Slip them on at night and your feet will be soft and smooth in the morning.  ($48 at Sephora) On a budget?  A few drops of Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Foot Cream (about $6 at drugstores) and a pair of regular cotton socks will do the job just as well for a fraction of the price.

You may be tempted to turn up the heat in the shower, but hot water can dehydrate skin even more.  To combat these effects, use a moisturizing body wash, such as Dove All Day Moisturizing Body Wash (a huge 24 oz. for $6.99 at drugstores), and avoid drying bar soaps.  After bathing, apply a thick cream to seal in moisture, such as Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter (6.7 oz for $23.50 at - just make sure you let it sink in completely before dressing.  Looking for a body cream with something extra?  Origins Ginger Whipped Body Souffle has an incredible spicy, wintery fragrance and is packed with moisturizing essential oils. (7 oz. tub for $26 at or Origins stores)

Last but not least, your hair may need special care this winter as well as your body.  Keep tresses smooth and hydrated with a deep conditioner like Kerastase Masquintense ($45 for 5.1 oz at select salons and beauty stores), or L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisturizing Cream - which is made by the same company and has virtually identical ingredients. (around $8 at Sally Beauty Supply) To prevent frizz and flyaways, try a light cream like Kiehl's Shine & Lite Groom, or for coarser, thicker hair, their ultra-popular Cr'me with Silk Groom. ($12 and $17 for 4 oz. at or select Nordstrom)

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