Smashbox Cosmetics' new cream to powder foundation - The Quest For Finding The 'One'

For women, the quest for the perfect foundation is lifelong hunt, right as your certain you've dominated your prey, you find out it has somehow slipped through your fingers (again!). It all begins when you're young and impressionable, still excited and eager to try new things, granted, you are also still drawing on your face with your mother's lipstick, but at least you're still open to experimenting. Over the years, you live a little, learn about ingredients that'll turn your face into a pizza pie, start taking advice from friends, and finally, start feeling like you're gaining some ground, beginning to truly understand this whole makeup science. But, you're never truly satisfied are you? Not really.

How can you be? Sure, along the way you find some foundations that 'work', some you prefer to others, and others that you'd never touch again with a ten-foot pole; but there are so many to choose from, how can you ever be certain you've found your 'match'? Also, depending on where you live, the seasons can change your color, and continuous color matching is an entire other battle that I'm not going to get into.
The cosmetics companies today keep churning out new products with outrageous claims, and these days, it seems like every well known star, or top of the line designer has a makeup line. So who can we trust? Georgio Armani, because of his prestigious title, Maybelline, because of their eternal existence, or Max Factor, because they're supposedly the 'makeup of makeup artists'? Who knows? Women tend to trust hear-say from other women, because, over time we realize that we just don't have enough time to try them all ourselves. Or we read beauty reviews (like this one), hoping to find a miracle working secret and pounce on it before anyone else does.

Well, here's the experienced dish on Smashbox Cosmetics' new cream to powder foundation called Conversion. The claims this time around are to give you the 'ease of cream and the flawless finish of powder', along with a natural looking appearance. My only problem with this is when they say 'natural looking', it usually means lousy coverage. I have fairly clear skin, but unfortunately I have a few scars form my reckless, teenage, pimple-popping days, that I'm a little self conscious of and prefer to hide.

I must admit it the product wears beautifully: light as air with a silky soft finish. I did truly enjoy this product, so if your one of the lucky ones, blessed with near flawless skin, or a mother that warned you about picking at you face, I'd definitely recommend this product to you.  It comes in 11 different shades, that'll give you picture perfection in just seconds. It retails for $30 and you can find it Nordstrom, Sephora (makeup Heaven), Bloomingdales, Fred Segal, and

For others, like me, who suffer from a slightly less flawless complexion, Id' recommend Revlon's Color Stay liquid foundation. This is what I use on a regular basis and it gives AMAZING coverage without looking too cakey and doesn't rub off. This product retails for about $10 and can be found in nearly every drug, discount, and (some) grocery stores. Now for those with my problem, that aren't nearly as cheap, and want quality ingredients, I'd recommend Make Up Forever brand cosmetics. Their products are professional and their liquid foundation gives better coverage (if that's possible) then Revlon's version, and gives a lighter, softer, natural looking (but not in that way) look. You definitely getting what you pay for, which in this case is $40; also found as Sephora.

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