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T3 Innovative Products

"Yep, there is a whole patch of it. Right in the back of your head. Hee, hee, hee, hee." Lisa proclaimed snickering at me. (With a bit to much pleasure I might add.) "Well, get it out, get it out!" I exclaimed. It's a strange ritual my best friend and I have. While catching up on the important events of our life, it's not uncommon to find us sitting together like monkeys who are grooming each other. We chat while we pick through each other's hair finding the gray ones and mercilessly plucking them.  If you were to happen upon us you'd hear little yelps of pain as we competitively and possibly even gleefully point out the grays and then yank them out.

"Yep, these are all grey"

During my last visit home, my friend and I partook of this ritual as we usually do. But this time there was a little extra surprise. "Hey!" said Lisa "What's going on?" as she yanked a handful of my hair. "You're holding out on me! I've never seen your hair so shiny! What are you doing?"

Shiny Hair Straight Or Curly

I grinned and said, "I was at the Beverly Center and went into this store called Sephora. They sell all kinds of makeup, perfume and beauty stuff. Anyway, there was this girl there and she was giving product demonstrations. I had to do a double take because she was curling this other girl's hair, making those sexy ringlets that I've been lusting after. Anyway, the interesting thing wasn't that she was curling hair but that she was using a flat straightening iron to do it. I found myself going back to hover around her again and again as she quickly did head after head of hair in sexy curls. I had to try it. I asked her for a go and eagerly climbed into the seat. Well come to find out she was using this really cool flat iron from a company called T3 and it was made out of gemstones. I knew I'd found a new product I wanted to write about."  "Hhmmm", said Lisa "well your hair looks terrific it's so shiny. I want mine to be as shiny."

Curling With A Flat Iron

Well my dear friend and readers you can have super sexy and shiny hair. And this product will give it to you. I haven't been so excited about something in a long time.  It's called T3 and not only will it give you fabulous shine but it's good for your hair as well and they do it all through a special ingredient. Gemstones, yes that's what I said, gemstones tourmaline to be precise.


Tourmaline is a beautiful semi-precious stone that jewelry makers have used for centuries. And then came Kent Yu, who had the idea of a high-tech heat styling system that would use crushed tourmaline jewels to help speed up styling time.  Yu created an entire collection of top-of-the-line hair tools, all made out of crushed tourmaline.  He has revolutionized the way we style our hair. By incorporating tourmaline, a semi-precious stone that produces more negative ions than any other substance, as well as infrared heat, which gently dries hair from the inside-out, he developed his first styling tool, which turned out to be the biggest innovation the hair business has seen in years.

Kent Yu Creator Of T3

Why tourmaline and how does it work you may be wondering.  Well tourmaline has electrical qualities; it's the world's most potent ionic mineral. It's all about science and ions. Negative ions speed up the evaporation process, and produce infrared heat. They also condition the hair by heating the hair shaft from the inside out and sealing it. This locks in moisture and hair color, creating a smooth shiny and silky finish.  Thus conditioning your hair and making it healthier than before you used the product. It also works wonders on ethnic hair. Hairstyles also last longer after using these products.

Dries Your Hair In Over Half The Time

If this wasn't brilliant enough T3 has gone even further. Their blow dryer which incidentally was in the Oscar baskets and which I just saw on an episode of "Will and Grace" is super lightweight 13 ozs. and dries hair up to 60% faster than other driers.

Use It On Wet Or Dry Hair

They have a wet/dry flat iron that not only straightens dry hair but also can be used on wet, even drenched hair drying and straightening it at the same time, all the while conditioning and leaving it super shiny.  They have a straightening and curling all in one iron. As well as an iron with round plates designed for curling and several different brushes everything ionic and made with the crushed tourmaline.

For Curls

T3 has been embraced by Hollywood make-up artists and runway artists. Loving the fact that it doesn't damage hair that on a daily basis  is severely overworked and the fact that it cuts their work time down. When asked about the blow dryer stylist Luke O'Connor from Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills says "I use it on the set of Will and Grace, and in the salon, and really love it for Debra's curly hair. It cuts my drying time in half with a lot less frizz. It's fantastic and I use it on all my celebrity clients. It's the only dryer I use now."  Another celebrity hair stylis Ser Rae Tucker loes the flat iron she states "I love my T3! I used it on Tyra for America's Next Model's and to style Penelope Cruz's hair dead straight for a cover, and for Lil' Kim's new watch as to giver her a smooth, sleeker look. I use it for all my editorial shoots."

Me, I say "I love the way my hair looks after using the T3 products, its so shiny and soft. I love the idea that I am using gemstones on my hair. I just love these products period."

Ionic Brushse With Crused Toourmaline

You can find T3 through their website http://www.t3tourmaline.com/, Sephora stores and beauty supply houses which carry high end products. In Canada you will find them at Holt Renfrew Toronto stores (or by calling toll free at 1-866-465-8736. In London they are available at Harrods.



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