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Daily living and work can seem like combat at times.  It is easy to give in to the pressures and demands that come at us from all directions by not taking care of our bodies and minds.  We often feel too busy and overwhelmed to take care of ourselves, falling behind, becoming less able to meet the demands and stresses life throws our way and losing our self-esteem in the process.

Alec Hunter. (Photo credit: Kate Edmunds)

Alec Hunter  trains and motivates clients physically and mentally so they can tackle life much the same way he prepared soldiers to be combat ready at all times. Alec, founder and owner of superSTAR FITNESS, is dedicated to transforming the body and the spirit with a powerful combination of diet, exercise, nutrition and personal motivation customized for every client's individual goals and needs.  Alec's fitness program and beach boot camp is exceptional because he adds an important element to the standard fitness goals of improved diet, exercise and nutrition - the psychology of personal performance. Alec sees no boundaries to the potential each of us might all reach. Based on his years of experience in the military as a fitness expert and as a fitness trainer, Alec's style of training delivers unmatched results because his passion and enthusiasm are infectious additions to his experience.  Alec has established a stellar reputation and is recognized for his dedication and excellence as well as his upbeat and positive personality. This is why he has been in high demand as a trainer for celebrities, professional athletes, corporate executives and senior citizens. 

What sets Alec Hunter's superSTAR FITNESS apart from other personal trainers is the way he empowers clients by using his well-developed personal performance techniques to find out what motivates each person and develop an approach that works for each client.  Hunter says, 'I believe you have to tap into an emotional source to make the commitment stick.'  Former clients say he is, 'a coach, a mentor, and a friend.'  Along with empowerment comes trust.  Clients rely on Alec's experience and passion to help them reach their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals safely, without injuries.  Failure is not an option in Alec's training programs and Alec's passion to help others improve their quality of life is inspirational.

I always thought I could achieve my fitness goals on my own. I knew what it took' but it just was not happening. I looked back and calculated the years this had been persisting. I was in shape, but not where I ultimately wanted to be. You know the reasons:  Too busy with work, too stressed, too tired. Will start a program after the weekend, next week, next month; went off my program for this reason and that reason. It doesn't matter how stressed, exhausted and physically challenged a person is, Alec finds a way to overcome your reluctance to exercise, motivates you to eat better and get into shape the right way, the way that works for you.  I am now following Alec's program, under his guidance. I found his approach to be a more evolved approach than your average personal trainer, as he digs down into the psychological aspect of it.  As I sat down with him, he assessed my goals and the approach and actions I would take to get there. He also had me write what my top three unhealthy habits are, the top three thing I would like to change about myself, and three things I like about myself! It was some interesting insight into myself that I hadn't thought of in a while. Then, it was time to make that commitment to myself and decide to make this a priority in my life. That was the only way he'd participate. That was exactly what I needed and why I hadn't achieved my fitness goals in the past, and to me, the only way to reach my goals. The other way hadn't worked. Years went by and I stayed the same. Now, inspired by Alec's commitment, dedication and discipline, I am personally embarking on my own personal 'training mission' with superSTAR FITNESS.  I am giving this a total commitment, and look forward to making healthy eating, exercise and discipline way of life.

People who hate going to gyms and who have failed with diets and fad supplements will succeed with this program because Alec Hunter's determination and confidence are contagious. Alec works closely with clients and watches how their muscles respond to each level of exercise.  He helps them lose fat and gain muscle in a combination of cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance, core conditioning and flexibility. He also focuses on the best in every person because Alec believes that is what motivates us.  Imagine looking forward to waking up each morning loaded with energy, increased self-esteem and fitness and the mental clarity you need to succeed personally and professionally. I am.

                               Born in Boston, Massachusetts, much of Alec's approach to fitness is based on military and life success principles he learned while serving in the U.S Armed Forces.   Throughout his nine-year career in the U.S. Army , Hunter's dedication and 'NEVER QUIT' attitude earned him numerous medals and high honors, including the Army Physical Fitness Badge.  Hunter was certified as a 'U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer, MFT,' which qualified him as both a Personal Fitness Expert and Group Exercise Leader. As an MFT in the U.S Army he was responsible for designing, implementing, assessing, and maintaining an entire fitness program for hundreds of soldiers that had to remain combat ready at all times.

Alec also holds a National Group Fitness/Personal Trainer Certification through AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America).  He is a IDEA 'Elite' Personal Fitness Trainer Member & holds other National certifications to include Flexibility Specialist, Kickboxing & CPR.  To keep abreast of the latest fitness breakthroughs and trends in the health and fitness industry, Alec attends a number of workshops and conferences each year.

Living proof!

As a fitness professional, Alec Hunter combined his military training and 12 years as a fitness training professional to develop cutting edge concepts and applications for an approach to fitness that improves flexibility, agility, health and productivity for individuals of all fitness levels. 

While Hunter is committed to encouraging personal growth by developing and empowering participants and treating each participant with dignity and respect, don't kid yourself, remember, Alec Hunter is a seasoned combat veteran. Be prepared to hand over a strict seven day food journal to begin with and, as Hunter says, 'Fitness should be FUN, NOT FEARED.'  But he also says, 'Fitness is for LIFE.  Train HARD and Enjoy the Journey.'  

Contact superSTAR FITNESS for additional information and details @ 310-226-2800

Visit them online @

Want to see how Alec stays healthy? Juiceplus

SOUTH BAY BOOT CAMP: Starts May 8th 
Their 4 week Redondo Beach Boot Camp program led by Master Fitness Trainer - Robert Cummings Sr. kicks off May 8th and runs through June 2nd. This program is designed for men & women of all ages. This Boot Camp is designed for the beginning fitness level.

WHEN: May 8th - June 2nd

3 Days Per Week
6:00am - 7:00am


What you can expect to achieve in as little as 4 weeks:

Reduce Body Fat
Increase Muscle Mass
Increase Muscle Strength
Increase Cardio Endurance
Improve Bone Strength
Reduce Stress
Internal Wellbeing - INNER PEACE
Increased Energy Level
Develop a Healthy Habit for Life
Learn Proper Exercise Technique
Nutritional Education & Guidance

TUITION: $260 (Non RB Residents Add $5)

To Register contact the Redondo Beach Parks & Recreation Department @ 310-318-0610.

Registration has begun. Class size is strictly limited.


May 15th - June 23rd (6 Weeks)
(3 days per week - SUMMER SCHEDULE)

WHERE: The A-Camp meets @ multiple locations within the South Bay area (Redondo, Hermosa & Manhattan Beach).


3 Days Per Week = $350 Includes an Official superSTAR FITNESS T- Shirt

For an additional $50 - A-Camp participants have the option to receive '2' individual total body fitness assessments.

What is the A-Camp Fitness Assessment? Click here for the details

Thinking about taking it to the NEXT LEVEL? If you've completed their 4 week boot camp 'or' are currently training & looking for a change of pace - The 6 Week 'A-Camp Program' led by Fit Pro & Founder Alec Hunter is the ONLY way to go! THIS IS TOTAL BODY FITNESS TRAINING @ IT'S BEST!!!

If you would like more information or to set up your individual fitness assessment & register for our 6 Week A-Camp program contact them @ 310-226- 2800 to secure your seat.

Class size is limited. There are only a few seats available for the upcoming A-Camp session.

Their 6 week Santa Monica Boot Camp program led by Fitness Pro & Martial Arts Expert - Brian Dunniway is a dynamic total body fitness program that delivers MAXIMUM RESULTS!

Their are now PRE-ENROLLING for our June - July - SANTA MONICA BOOT CAMP.


June 12th - July 21st
6 Weeks
3 Days Per Week
6:00am - 7:00am


One Block South of 'The Casa Del Mar Hotel'

Boot Camp Location Map

TUITION: $350 Per Participant

Call them today to register and secure your seat @ 310- 226-2800. Class size is strictly limited.

What is included in the Boot Camp Tuition?

Top Notch, Highly Certified, Dedicated Fitness Professionals, working with you side by side for six solid weeks of total body beach based fitness training.

Tested & proven (FUN) fitness programs that deliver maximum results that you will see and feel in as little as two to three weeks, (check out our boot camp testimonial section @  to see what we are talking about). Our Santa Monica Beach Boot Camp Program includes two group total body fitness assessments (A $100 value in itself) and numerous hours of total body fitness instruction & education.

The superSTAR FITNESS Team provides various pieces of fitness equipment each and every session to ensure maximum results are achieved each and every training session! (Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands, Agility/Balance/Power Training Devices and much more)

Monthly Newsletters emailed to you that are packed with useful health/fitness information

Nutritional Guidance & Information to help you get MAXIMUM RESULTS

Class size is strictly limited to ensure maximum safety and personal attention for all that attend our dynamic total body fitness boot camp program on the beach.

Contact superSTAR FITNESS in Redondo Beach for additional information and details @ 310-226-2800

Visit them online @



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