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Summertime is approaching so ladies beware; this is the time of year when the shelves begin to overflow with self tanners, bronzing products, and all kinds of weird creams and lotions jam packed with Aloe Vera, seaweed, and Vitamin C. With so many different products on the shelves how are you suppose to know which to choose? This is where I come in. I am dedicated to giving you the most honest, brutal, raw reviews, while sifting through all the crap so you don't have to.

The whole set of products

The latest line to approach the market is TTE's (The Tiger's Eye) Summer-Ready Skincare line. This line comes complete with a Purifying Seaweed Cleanser, Hydrating Moisture Cream, Natural Daylight Cream, and a Vitamin C Gel. (What did I tell you, all the usual ingredients, damn I'm good.) This line promises to be the best in pampering your skin during the transition from cold to warm weather. Made with all natural ingredients, insured to nourish even the most sensitive skin.

All of the products TTE make

When I was asked to test these products out, I was a little wary to use the Purifying Seaweed Cleanser. The name made me think of all the fowl smelling seaweed products of my past. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find this had a light, fresh fragrance instead of the reek I was expecting. It also a naturally exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling silky, smooth, and refreshed.  

The Hydrating Moisture cream is perfect after a long day in the sun. This thick cream replenishes your skin and replaces all the moisture. It's even good for day to day use, keeping your skin feeling smooth and soft all around the clock.

Natural Daylight Cream? What does that even mean? This was a first to me and believe me, I've been around the block. Apparently, when the company named this product, they were trying to describe the way it illuminates your skin. This product is fortified with aloe and moisturizers used to produce a healthy glow. It also carries a protection of SPF 15, which is perfect for everyday use.

Finally, the Vitamin C Gel is a daily collagen booster that keeps you looking and feeling young, while also protecting you from the sun. This gel made my skin feel taut without leaving a sticky residue, like most other youth serums on the market.

To conclude, I was mildly impressed with this collection of skincare. I see it as a good summer addition to whatever daily products you may already be using. The Seaweed Cleanser is a great weekly exfoliant, The Hydrating Cleanser is perfect to apply after a sunburn, or just a long drying day in the sun, The Natural Daylight Cream is a perfectly light daily summer moisturizer (you can put your thick stuff back on the shelf till next Fall), and The Vitamin C Gel seems like a good daily spot corrector to put on before your moisturizer. 

All of these products come standard in 2oz bottles ranging in price from $15-$50. To check out these products and more from TTE Skincare, you can go to their website at:

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