Reveal that Baby Soft Skin for Valentine's Day

Weeks of neglect have left your skin begging for some attention. Don't hide that skin under layers of scented lotion. No need to shift to crisis mode since your spa is booked. This Valentine's Day, reveal a new, softer, smoother and more irresistible you at home.

Gentle enough for your face

All the work is done for you with DermaNew's Total Body Experience Personal Microdermabrasion System. Instead of hassling with an appointment to see your esthetician, you can have the benefits of microdermabrasion in privacy of your own home.

Derma New Systems

Suitable for all skin types, the kit comes with a battery-operated firming/re-surfacing tool used to buff and polish the skin. With four foam applicators of different shapes and sizes, each body part can achieve supreme results. A 60-day supply of accelerated formula microdermabrasion cr'me--- which contains naturally derived extracts of safflower, wheat germ, carrot and bran combined with vitamins A, C and E--- also is included with the system.  A pressure point massage attachment and two introductory tubes of DermaNew Facial Rejuvenation Formula and Hand & Foot Rejuvenation Formula Microdermabrasion come with the system.

Touchably smooth skin

Like exfoliation, microdermabrasion works with multi-Corundum crystals to help smooth, refine and resurface skin. Here's how to use it:
Using the exfoliation wand, snap on the foam applicator according to the body part you plan to work on. For example, the large circular foam applicator is used for larger areas such as the legs, arms, chest and stomach. The triangular applicator can be used in hard-to-reach areas like around the nose and between fingers and toes.

After snapping on the appropriate foam applicator, apply the accelerated formula microdermabrasion cr'me to the tool and dot to clean treatment areas. Using upward circular movements, move the vibrating tool across the designated area for a maximum of two minutes. When finished, gently dust off the crystals with a dry washcloth before rinsing. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. If you're finished with that particular foam applicator, clean it immediately with anti-bacterial Foam Applicator Cleaner. Repeat technique with other parts.

Follow this procedure daily for five days. Then skip five days to allow the skin to rejuvenate. It's recommended that you should continue using the system two to four times a week for maintenance.

At first as I was dragging that resurfacing tool across my abdomen, I exhibited signs of skepticism. Since I couldn't physically see or feel any changes underneath that vibrating tool, I thought the product wasn't working. On the contrary, those miniscule granules are blasting those dead skin cells away.

It's similar to what a body scrub feels like but grittier. With this tool, you don't have to do much work. With a "no pain, no gain" motto I mind, I had fully expected "blah" results.

After a two-minute session, you can feel the difference those little crystals make. I became a believer.

Just after several uses, my skin feels as soft as satin even before the lotion goes on. Those gritty Corundum crystals work their magic to leave my skin amazingly baby soft from head to toe. Bring on Valentine's Day!

(A caution to those of you who use chemical peels, glycolic acid, Retin-A, acne medications or similar products, DermaNew doesn't recommend using this product in combination. Skin may experience undue sensitivity.)

The Total Body Experience System is $130.

For more information, call 1-866-44-DERMA or visit DermaNew products also are available at the following: Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Macy's and Sephora stores.

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