Papaya Cream Scrubs Away Winter's Wrath

Whether scrubbing for the best possible tan or exfoliating winter's wrath on the skin, maintaining that healthy glow calls for more than a bar of soap and lotion.

Ligne St. Barth Papaya Exfoliant

Ligne St. Barth suggests a winter skin revitalization by sloughing off that dead skin with its Papaya Peeling Shower Cream. With its island-inspired formula, you experience a mini-Caribbean infusion lathering your skin with nutrients from exotic ingredients like Caribbean Sea water, papaya, and coconut oil.


Despite the cream name's suggestion, your skin doesn't begin to peel after usage. Rather, the milky-white shower cream is blended with tiny exfoliating granules that aid in removing dead microscopic skin cells. The term "peeling" had me under the assumption the entire exfoliating process would yield more tactile results. In fact, the granules work alongside the papaya--its enzymes long touted for its natural exfoliating properties--to reveal the freshest layer of skin possible.

Here's how to use it:
While in the shower, apply the cream as you would liquid soap. The 4.2-ounce bottle doesn't allow for generous dispensing. So keep squeezing until you get the desired amount. Next, gently massage the shower cream onto your body parts. You'll feel the grainy little particles work to lightly lift off those dead skin cells. Make sure you rinse yourself completely. The cream leaves a very light and pleasant scent on your skin. The scent is so incredibly mild that I could hardly discern it. It's a toss-up between papaya/melon and possibly a dash of coconut oil.

By using this very product, the St. Barthelemy-based company claims the soap lifts out skin's impurities by removing dead skin cells. In turn, fresh, new cell growth is revealed while allowing the fresh, new oxygenation of the skin. But the Papaya Peeling Shower Cream isn't the only Ligne St. Barth's creation that aids in keeping skin looking its best. All of its skincare products contain active ingredients of plants, fruits and flowers. The company's products are all exclusively manufactured on the island. Its Web site says their products' texture and fluidity have a natural affinity with the epidermis. 

While the shower cream itself serves as a luxurious bath treat, I must wonder how much papaya is actually needed to produce a measurable effect on cleansing the skin. On most ingredient labels, the breakdown goes from most concentrated to least. The Papaya Peeling Shower Cream lists a total of 20 ingredients. Papaya extract is listed as the 15th ingredient used.

Nevertheless, after all that scrubbing, my skin wasn't left feeling squeaky clean or dry but soft and supple. The coconut oil served as a good light conditioner for my skin.

In today's market, there's just some fascination with having produce in our beauty products. As if something that falls off a tree would be better for our skin and hair than a product concocted in the confines of a laboratory. In this case, Ligne St. Barth may have found the best of both worlds.

The Papaya Peeling Shower Cream is $27.50.

For more information, visit The company also offers other products for the face, body as well as a line for sun care and lifestyle. The Ligne St. Barth line can be ordered by calling 1-800-848-6835.


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