Pamper Your Papa This Father's Day

The world has become so full of gadgets and gizmos that there really is no limit as to what you could buy for a father's day present. Instead of searching for something that probably will end up gathering dust in the garage the next twenty years, give your father the chance to be pampered.

Let a company that has catered to men for 200 years take care of your dad this year, it is the ticket to putting a smile on his face. Yes, I said 200 years. Someone who has been in business that long must know what they are doing, and Truefitt & Hill certainly does it all when it comes to making sure your father feels pampered.

Truefitt & Hill has a large collection of incredible shaving products, but what is unsurpassable is their barbershop.

There are currently four locations, with the closest being at the Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas. Let your father enjoy his father's day gift the next time he is in Las Vegas either for business or pleasure with a gift certificate to the Truefitt & Hill barbershop.

When he gets to Vegas, what father would not be thrilled at having a visit set up for him to enjoy a hair cut, a classic straight-razor shave and a manicure? What is so special about that you're wondering?

Well, a father, or any man for that matter, has truly not had a haircut and a shave until they have done so under the surgeon-like hands of a Truefitt & Hill barber, lead by its master barber Perry Gastis. Gastis, who has been in the business 20 years, was not exaggerating when he told me, "You are sitting in the finest barbershop in the world."

There is no rushing when you are sitting in the barber chair and the barbers make sure your hair is cut exactly to your specifications, down to that last stray hair they clip to finish the task. Then to top it off, and everyone in the hair business should do this, they wash your hair after the cut so you don't have to spend the rest of the day with that fresh cut feeling bothering you.

Next, onto their specialty - the classic straight-razor shave. This alone would be worth a trip to Las Vegas. You begin with a hot towel wrapped around your face, then another hot towel to soften the beard and stimulate the skin's oil glands. This is immediately followed by more hot towels which get your face ready. Right away, the barber applies hot shaving cream to your face and begins to gently remove it with a straight razor. This experience is not enough at this shop, after the initial shave, you are given a second shave to give you that extra close feeling. It is finally finished off with some of Truefitt & Hills own oil-free aftershave balm and the shocker' .an ice cold towel wrapped around your face. This will not only make sure you are awake the rest of the day, but what few people realize, is that it closes the pores, which finishes off the shave.

"We are very big on product knowledge and education, most men did not go to the barber for their first shave, which used to be a rite of passage," Las Vegas Truefitt & Hill general manager Daphne Gastis said. "This is the way men should learn to shave and then go home and apply it."

Now that your head is in perfect shape, time to move onto your hands. If you have never had a manicure, you could quickly become addicted. Indeed, having your hands dipped in hot wax and then wrapped in plastic gloves may seem foreign, but it does pay off in the end, as your hands will have that soft, luxurious touch that your wife will really appreciate. After the wax is removed, your hands are soaked and your cuticles are trimmed and finally the nails are polished giving you that professional clean look that every man should desire.

"The service here is world class and that is the standard we are setting no matter which Truefitt & Hill you go into," Daphne added.

Luckily you will be able to set foot into more Truefitt & Hill barbershops in the near future and one is in the works for the Los Angeles area.

For more information on Truefitt & Hill, including locations and products, visit and for the Las Vegas shop you can call 1-866-714-1115.

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