New Protective Line For The Beach Bound

The Sun: It provides light, warmth, and essential vitamins for everyday life. People throughout history have enjoyed tanning and water sports, but have recently become wary of these activities, do to the realization of the negative effects UV rays can have on your hair and skin. Fortunately, Keune Haircosmetics, a company that originated in Amsterdam, has come out with an Ultimate Sun Care Line to bring people back to the beaches. No hats necessary. The line comes complete with Hair & Body Shampoo, Protective SPF 6 Oil for Hair & Body, an After Sun Hair Treatment, and Hair Gelee Spray (protective gel style spray); basically all the beach and poolside essentials.

Keune Haircosmetics Ultimate Sun Care Line

I decided to put the line to the ultimate test: a stressful, grueling (at least for my hair), 8 hour day of laying poolside and swimming in highly chlorinated waters. I started out with the Protective Oil by spraying a generous amount all over my body and rubbing it in. I was instantly shocked by the fact that it didn't feel greasy, but still provided the crisp, polished look of regular oil. It felt great against my skin and provided a light beachy fragrance that helped me pull of my day-at-the-beach fantasy. The oil is a great touch to make you skin shine and show off that summer body you've been working all winter for. I realized that SPF 6 might not be enough for tanning, but would be excellent for day to day wear.

Sun Care Hair Gelee Spray

Next, I sprayed some Hair Gelee into my palm and worked it into my hair; I was impressed by the holding power. It kept my curls frizz-free and they didn't seem to dry out or get crispy throughout the day. After each swim, I sprayed a little of the Oil Protection in my hair to keep the hair, water and UV resistant to insure that it didn't dry out, or get any further damage from the chemicals in the pool. After I'd had my full of tanning, I wanted to see how well the products got rid of that awful chlorine smell that seems to linger with you all day.

I stepped in the shower armed with the Hair & Body Shampoo, along with the After Sun Treatment (conditioner). In the past, I had been wary to use products with a dual purpose, such as hair & body, but after seeing how well the Protective Oil had adapted to both, I had faith in this company. I started lathering the shampoo into my hair and there was that light summery scent again. I could see these products being used all year round just to bring back happy summer memories. When I was washing the product out, I noticed that it seemed to clean my hair without striping it dry. It didn't have that eerie squeaky feeling, similar to what your teeth get after drinking Coca Cola; that you just know isn't right.

I then started working in the After Sun Treatment and could feel the way my hair drank in the Shea Butter like it was its nourishment. My hair felt silky and smooth. I left it in, while I squirted some of the Hair & Body Shampoo onto my loofa scrub. I lathered it onto my entire body. I really enjoyed the way it left my skin feeling clean but not dry.  I rinsed out and off all of the products and ended my shower.

The After Sun Hair Treatment's label promised shine and protection until my next wash so I was eager to get my hair dry to see the results. I towel dried a bit and used a blow dryer. As it was drying I could see the high shine setting in. For hair as color treated as mine, I was pleasantly surprised at how healthy and shiny my hair appeared. It was also reassuring to know that I had protection until my next wash, so that I might go about the rest of my daily activities without gaining anymore sunlight or pollution damage (a common problem in Los Angeles).

These products from their Ultimate Sun Care line range from $13-$18. If you are as excited about these products and as I am, and want to get your hands on some, you can go to this unofficial website: The site has these products and more from Keune Haircosmetics.          


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