MaleFace for the Male Face

When it comes to creating a product to care for the male face, Ray Raglin's creation of MaleFace products got it right. MaleFace gives you three products and three simple steps that you can complete in less than two minutes and they will leave you with as close of a shave as you will find anywhere and skin smoother than you probably thought you could ever have.

Three steps you say? That might be two more steps than most guys use when shaving, but the extra steps are well worth it and once you try them you will never return to your old, ordinary shaving habits.

The first step is to use the MaleFace Deep Cleansing Face Scrub, and the name says it all, because after using this paoduct your face will feel cleaner that it has at any point in your life. It really feels that it takes cleaning to the next step and compared to a normal bar of soap this face scrub really works itself in to your skin to get all of the dead skin and facial impurities out.

Next up is your shave with the MaleFace Vitamin Rich Shaving Cream. If you are used to your normal store bought shaving cream that comes out in foam or the gel that lathers up, you will be in for a shock. What comes out of the tube does not like it could get the job done in any way, shape or form. Well it's time to change your thinking because this white cream that looks like a moisturizer more than does the job. A thin layer rubbed into your shaving area sets your beard up beautifully and the results speak for themselves. As someone who has sensitive skin and usually comes away with at least one or two nicks, I have not seen as much as a scratch since using this MaleFace.

The final step is the MaleFace Rejuvenating Moisture Cream and again you might have to change your thinking here, because if you don't use any moisturizer after your shave your skin clearly is missing out. After finishing this final step your face is going to feel smoother and fresher than it has in years, and the good news is you can have this feeling everyday.

MaleFace has some other great products as well, but if you are in your thirties, or older, and are starting to worry about those little lines around the eyes you have to try the MaleFace Speye Rejuvenating Eye Gel for Men. Just a little dab of this product around the eyes daily and you are likely to start to see a difference within a week. It may not make your face as smooth as plastic surgery or botox, but if you are looking for a natural alternative, this is the answer.

MaleFace has only been around since 2000, but founder Raglin put his own knowledge he obtained working at Colgate Palmolive's medical division as well as using clinical trials with dermatologists, chemists and skin professionals to create this high quality product.
Beyond just the products, the website provides you with an abundance of information to help improve your shaving techniques and skin care, as well as some great deals and combination packages that allow you to get started. You also get all the information on the ingredients that went into the creation of the MaleFace line.

Finally a great idea MaleFace came up with is the 'Ask The Expert' service, in which you can e-mail any skin care questions to Licensed Medical Aesthetician Brandy Fischbach. There is also a listing of previously asked questions and answers that could assist you in caring for your face with recommendations that might not have even crossed your mind.

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