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The stores are filled with shelves of men's skin care products and the internet is stuffed with web pages of the same, but not many can claim to be entering their twentieth year in the business. Lab Series will be doing just that, as 2007 marks its twentieth year of having doctors, scientists and skincare specialists come up with the latest and greatest in skincare products and much more.

The Lab Series Line

Lab Series has broken down its products into four categories: clean, shave, treat and hair and body. It may seem pretty simple, but once you get into each category its literally a menu for you body with all the choices they have.
When it comes to cleaning your face, it doesn't matter what dilemma you might be facing, Lab Series has product to treat your face. At the top of the list has to be the Power Wash gel, just a little pump from this bottle will lather you up and give your face a fresh and clear feeling you certainly won't get from your everyday bar of soap.  Among the other products; the clay mask allows you to get that spa experience without having to leave the house as well as avoiding the fat charge you are going to get at the spa. For those of you with oily skin, the oil control solution does exactly what its name says it will do.
Once you have that clean face, now you are ready for a shave and Lab Series certainly won't let you down there. It is a tough call between the shave gel and the shave cream, both with the name Maximum Comfort in front of the title and for good reason. I would say the gel gives you a more sleek feel when you shave and if you don't have a lot of growth when you shave this is a great product. If you are someone who has a lot of facial hair and it is always growing I would choose the shave cream, it will soften up the whiskers more and it has almost a moisturizer feel to it. Also when you are looking for that extra close shave, both products leave your face feeling protected and you won't have to worry about razor burn or skin irritation.

Lab Series Shaving Line

The treat portion of Lab Series is not really a treat nowadays, but really mandatory to keep your skin looking fresh and it doesn't matter if you are getting hit by the winter winds of the Midwest or the blazing sun on the west coast. If you want to keep it simple, the Daily Moisture Defense Lotion gives you a great moisturizer and an SPF of 15 in case you forget your sunscreen. If you are looking for something a little different try the Instant Moisture Gel. This gel gives you a fresh, wide-awake feeling once you put it on, I would put this at the top of my list if you want to have a great feeling face. Everyone is looking for that edge in the boardroom, an interview, just in everyday life, would you rather look tired or alive. If you want to take away that tired, worn out look around your eyes you should try the Instant Moisture Eye Gel, it's easy to use in a rollerball applicator.
Finally we finish up with the hair and body. Beyond the normal antiperspirant and shampoo, Lab Series has some great products you won't find elsewhere. If you have starting to thin on the top of your head, Lab Series has the Root Power Treatment Shampoo and Root Power Hair Tonic to help with making your hair look thicker while always keeping it healthier. To finish it off Lab Series has an Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel for those of you looking for a little edge when trying to improve your body. The gel you rub onto your abs after your workout and it is an energy-enhanced thermogenic formula that helps tighten and tone your midsection.

Lab Series Gift Package

Lab Series products are available at most major department stores and you can also find more information at They offer some great combination packages that are perfect with Christmas just around the corner or just to give that special man in your life a happy face.

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