Health & Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

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Sutra Dental Spa 

Sutra Dental Spa is a modern cosmetic dental spa fusing the latest technology and spa comfort. 

Sutra Dental Spa is a state-of-the-art cosmetic dentist office located in La Mesa, California, providing the finest dental care in a soothing, tranquil environment featuring unique amenities and the latest technology available.

Aligning with Buddhist teachings, called "Sutras", the Asian-inspired office exclusively uses biocompatible materials for non-toxic and non-invasive remedies in their four state-of-the-art treatment rooms. Adorned with Buddhist statues and Asian art, the office offers unique amenities including a Zen oxygen bar, virtual reality movie glasses, aromatherapy pillows, an ambient recovery room equipped with a full body massage chair, wireless intraoral cameras, and a massage therapist. Services include teeth cleaning, preventative care, digital x-rays, CEREC, periodontics, endodontics, smile makeovers, veneers, implants, Invisalign, and cosmetic imaging.



Ageless Secret 

The days of growing old gracefully are long gone
and the battle for maintaining our youth is upon us.  We're going to let you in on a secret: The Ageless Secret. The Trojan horse of skin care. It's the attack your skin will never know is coming.

The Ageless Secret is far from a fair weather friend it stays with you throughout the day invisibly soothing your skin. It can be worn under your makeup, over your makeup, or try it with no makeup at all. It's not just results that set The Ageless Secret apart, but safety. How about a product so safe you could drink it?  

The war wages on but the battle is won with The Ageless Secret.
The Ageless Secret, available in Original and Gold Formulas, is currently sold online at  

Regenerating Moisturizer - The Fountain of Youth at Your Fingertips

This rich moisturizer derives its effectiveness from Idebenone, the most powerful anti-oxidant available. The ingredient is renowned for combating overexposed and aging skin. When combined with complementary ingredients, such as DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid and Copper Peptides, this cream reenergizes the skin, resulting in a firmer, suppler, and healthier look. Skingenic has modernized the age-old beauty philosophies of Southeast Asia's Indochine women and fused them with modern breakthroughs in skincare science to create a luxurious skincare line. Using fresh lychee fruit native to the Indochine area, Skingenic has created the recipe for vibrant youthful skin. Found exclusively in Skingenic, the Lychee Complex saturates skin with life-affirming hydration, protecting against pollution and environmental damage.











Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Holiday Gift Set 

Give yourself and your friends the gift of beautiful skin with our luxurious cosmeceutical skincare collection-featuring award winning Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair and three daily essentials designed to cleanse, repair and prevent signs of aging.  You'll see healthier, more radiant skin with an overall improvement in firmness, texture and tone.

Set Includes:

Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair (1.7oz)
Balancing Cleanser (2 oz)
Balancing Tonic Facial Mist (1oz)
Age Prevention Balancing Complex SPF 15 (1 oz)



According to SpaFinder, do-it-yourself home spas rank as one of the top trends of 2006.  HoMedics, the industry leader in personal care, health and wellness products, has a spa gift for everyone this Holiday season.  Combining innovation and technology to create affordable products, HoMedics soothes from head-to-toe. 

Below is a sampling of some of HoMedics' most popular gift items. You can learn about additional gift items at  All items are available for purchase directly from the HoMedics website.  Please let me know if you're interested in receiving product samples or images.

Stocking Stuffers for Under $10:

HoMedics has introduced three new vibrating mini-massagers that put relaxation in the palm of your hand.

Atom, the latest “it” gift

  • Atom, the latest 'it' gift, has an ergonomic egg-shape design with heads that glow blue as they provide vibrating relief.
  • Puff Velvety Massager, the plush, faux fur vibrating massager that provides a soft massage gentle enough for your face, neck or other sensitive stress points. 
  • Spot Vibration Foot Massager, the battery-operated massager with a cushy material containing dozens of acupuncture nodes that soothe aching feet.  


For the Gadget Guys and Gals:

Always a holiday favorite, HoMedics offers tech toys that rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit in the comfort of your home, car or office.

Quad Roller M-400

  • HoMedics Quad Roller, the high-quality massage cushion that turns an ordinary chair into an extraordinary massage, anytime, anywhere.  Like the hands of a professional masseuse, the stress-melting Quad Roller provides a rejuvenating Shiatsu and rolling massage.
  • HoMedics MP3 Cush, the portable massaging cushion that fills the car with music and provides a stimulating massage, allowing commuters to leave anxiety along the roadside.  This cushion helps the miles and unwanted stress melt away. 


For Teens:

Whether a teenager or a teen at heart, HoMedics offers the season's hottest new iPod accessories.

  • HoMedics iCush, the first portable cushion that syncs sound directly to massage vibes, putting video gamers, music and movie lovers in the middle of the action.  Plug it, play it, feel it for a complete entertainment experience!
  • HoMedics iSoundSpa, the newest sound machine boasts an iPod docking station with premium sound quality, six soothing nature sounds and a soothing blue light that projects time/temperature on the wall. 

For Moms:

Whether its holiday shopping or entertaining that keeps her on her feet, HoMedics has the perfect presents to soothe mom's tired toes. 

  • HoMedics Pedicure-Spa Salon Footbath, the footbath that has a pull-out spinning pedicure attachment complete with pumice, exfoliation, nail file and buffer so you can beautify as you relax. 

    Massaging Slippers with Smart Foam™

  • HoMedics Massaging Slippers with Smart Foam™, the soft velour slippers put a twist on this traditional holiday gift by providing a relaxing massage at the touch of a button.   


For Movers and Shakers:

Whether its seasonal shindigs or late nights at the office that have your readers in need of stress relief, HoMedics offers massages 24/7 to alleviate the aches and pains.

  • HoMedics Shiatsu Plus Massaging Cushion, the cushion that that feels like a professional massage, providing a rolling, deep-kneading Shiatsu massage.
  • HoMedics Foot Pleaser, the deep kneading foot massager that relieves worn muscles and revives tired feet with 'thumb pressure' massage balls and soothing infrared heat.

Sephora's Stocking Stuffer Essentials - BIG BEAUTY WRAPPED IN PRETTY, LITTLE PACKAGES  

Looking for a small gift that packs a big punch? Sephora is the destination for petite presents that make for a beauty-full holiday stocking. 

Stock-up on some of these little treasures:  

Bourjois Tantalizing Tamer ($28)

Bourjois Tantalizing Tamer ($28) Dazzle in holiday glamour with a selection of three eye-popping shades; copper brown, sparkling green or light beige. ONLY AT SEPHORA. LIMITED EDITION.


Sephora Lip Butter Confections ($15)

Sephora Lip Butter Confections ($15) Lips never tasted so sweet! This delicious set of lip butters is sure to satisfy after-dinner cravings. Set includes three flavors: Tiramisu, Triple Layer Cake, and Bananas Foster.


Dior Pretty Charms ($55)

Dior Pretty Charms ($55) This couture-inspired heart shaped locket is filled with two complementary lip glosses. Adorned with dazzling crystal drops, this beautiful bauble will keep on giving long after the gloss is gone. LIMITED EDITION.


Cosmedicine Primary Care Multi-Tasking Moisturizer SPF 20 ($48) Protect those you love from the harsh winter weather. This light-weight moisturizer hydrates dry, damaged skin. ONLY AT SEPHORA.

Tarte The Good Life Mini Cheekstain Set ($30)

Tarte The Good Life Mini Cheekstain Set ($30) Life just got rosier. Give a girly-girl that extra glow with a set of three cheekstain shades. LIMITED EDITION.


Stila Creme Bouquet Roll-On & Lip Glaze Set ($20) Sugar cookies aren't the only sweet-smelling treat this holiday season. The delicate blend of vanilla, pink lilac and lily make for a sweet surprise! LIMITED EDITION.

Sephora Mini Coin Purse Brush Set ($25)

 Sephora Mini Coin Purse Brush Set ($25) Stash your cash (and your favorite gloss or eye shadow) in this handy gold case which contains essential brushes for on-the-go touch ups. LIMITED EDITION. 



MONOPOLY: Sephora Edition ($45)

Don't let the fun stop once all the stockings are opened. Surprise everyone with the ultimate holiday game, MONOPOLY: Sephora Edition ($45). This beauty-full board game is home to some of the prettiest real estate in town. Game on gorgeous! 




Sephora stocking stuffer must-haves are available at all Sephora stores, by calling 1-877-SEPHORA or by logging onto  

Nourishing Body Cream Gifted at Emmy Buffet

Healing Anthropology, a truly natural skincare company, offers a body cream so pure it's like food, but for your skin. Completely free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, the Nourishing Body Cream definitely lives up to its name.  It contains a luxurious blend of nutrients, emollient oils, and floral extracts.  These curative ingredients combine to protect and revitalize even the driest, most dehydrated skin.  With vitamins A, B, C, D and E, the Nourishing Body Cream not only moisturizes, but truly nourishes skin.  An added bonus is the cream's heavenly scent created by a mixture of orange blossom, mimosa and sweet almond. 

Available online at 8oz $39

Aromatic Body Butters by Dead Sea Premier 

Developed by top dermatologists and skincare experts, Dead Sea Premier's unique, award-winning products are based on a secret, ultra-modern purification process that extracts mud, emollients, aromatic oils, minerals and vitamins from the Dead Sea, the world's largest natural spa, and combines them with an innovative liposome complex.  The company just released brand new Aromatic Body Butters that come in three distinctive "flavors":  Herbal, Milk & Honey and Passion Fruit.  The rich, silky Body Butters absorb quickly into the skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth.  Costing just $40 each (MSRP), the Body Butter is "ideal for soothing chapped skin" look and smell good enough to eat!  Formulated to restore moisture to skin in need of intensive repair, the Body Butters should be applied in circular movements onto clean skin.  (Best results are achieved right after a shower or bath.)  After application, skin is left refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated.


Softlips National Model Search For "Picture Perfect Lips"

Last Call to Enter the Softlips National Model Search for "Picture Perfect Lips!" Pucker up! Angelina Jolie is about to meet her match in the luscious lips category! Show off your lip appeal by participating in Softlips' national search for America's 'picture perfect' lips! Win prizes. Go to for entry info. Entries must be received no later than December 31, 2006.



Self Treatment Therapeutic Device 

The Reflexotherapy Applicator is a safe, pain & drug-free self-treatment therapeutic device that provides an alternative & complimentary method of self-treatment to promote healing, relieve stress, tension, aches & pains. The Reflexotherapy Applicator combines pressure (the Reflexology part) and Acupuncture (without needles to puncture your skin) by simply lying on the prickly points or applying the Applicator to the surface area of your body that hurts.

This product allows one to receive benefits of massage, reflexology & acupuncture at home or travel without having to see a professional. Great versatility because of its ability to induce relaxation and relieve aches & pain in muscles, back, neck, hip, shoulder, arthritis, leg pain from diabetes, spinal stenosis & more. Requires no electricity or batteries and no expiration date. Best described by Lisa Iannucci and Michael Zimring, M.D. as "Looks Odd, But It Works" in their book Healthy Travel: Don't Travel Without It!

Exclusively Zen Customized Massage 

We offer a unique customized massage experience.  Whether you receive massage therapy regularly or are new to the benefits of massage we can offer a therapeutically tailored session geared specifically for your needs.

After completing a brief initial assessment, a 65 to 95 minute session is created especially for you!  All aromatherapy, oils, lotions, and musical compilations are custom created based on your responses. You will receive unsurpassed service in body care! We offer Hot Stone, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Pregnancy and Chair Treatments. We also include advice on how to maintain your health at its most optimum level. This is all provided at our beautiful and convenient Beverly Hills location!


MKC Beauty Academy - For Print Level Application 

MKC Beauty Academy offers aspiring makeup artists techniques to master print level makeup application.  Print is the highest level of application to achieve and will open many opportunities to our students.  We have a staff that offers over 100 years of experience and our students graduate as well rounded makeup artists by offering training in makeup, wardrobe, print hair, success coaching, portfolio building and the business side of the industry.  The school was founded and is owned by Margaret Kimura-Heymann who has been in the business for over 25 years.



Hypnotherapy - Proffesional Belief system Enhancer

Research shows that our conscious mind is only 12% of our minds power- it is the seat of our logic, reasoning, decision-making, and will power. Our subconscious mind is 88% of our minds power. It is the source of our emotions, feelings, fears, phobias, anxieties, habits, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, and belief system. It is our "blue-print" that is behind our thought process, actions and the results we produce in life.88% is quite a bit, isn't it?!  Hypnosis is one of the best and safest tools in the world, to change our inner world and re-write our blue-print to be a positive and empowering one, consisting of information that moves us forward and gives us that motivation and confidence we so much need to go beyond our "stuff" and be able to create our life rather than be created by it.

Through hypnosis we can eliminate fears, phobias, anxiety, addictions, depression, direction and clarity in life, motivation, self-esteem, assertiveness, goal- setting, improving your golf game. Also, in hypnosis we can prepare for painless childbirth, as well as reduce anesthesia needed in surgical procedures. If you are the kind of person that believes there is another level and wants to create a new subconscious content in which to powerfully live from, you owe it yourself to find out more how Hypnotherapy can accelerate results in every area.


CVS/pharmacy Instant Hand Sanitizing Spray 

CVS/pharmacy has introduced the CVS/pharmacy Instant Hand Sanitizing Spray with Aloe. This convenient, new hand sanitizing formula is strong enough to kill 99% of germs instantly, while soft enough to sooth and moisturize hands.

The portable pen design, available only with CVS/pharmacy, is compact enough to fit into a purse or pocket - and can even clip right onto a garment. This convenient spray is the only of its kind, and delivers the clean without the mess associated with bottled gels and liquids. It is even approved by TSA for airline carry-on.

The Instant Hand Sanitizing Spray can be purchased for $1.79. Refreshed skin is just a spray away!






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