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Robet Craig is known as 'one of the countries top hair color artists" according to Allure magazine. Specializing in corrective and natural hair color techniques that result in healthy shiny and believable hair.

About Robert Craig

Entering the business in 1983, Craig trained under New York's top talent before opening his first Manhattan salon in 1987.  His clientele has included actors, beauty editors, business professionals and artists. His work has been seen in Print, Television, Movies, and on Broadway.

Robert Craig

In 1995 Craig introduced his own signature hair care line. He brings 20 years of experience to consumers and professionals alike. To date he has helped over two million people solve their hair color and hair care problems. 

His Products

No More Bad Hair Days Kit

Specifically designed to complement and safeguard your hair color and design, the Robert Craig Signature Haircare Line is the result of years of research and client testing. Each product is tested and must pass rigorous standards before Craig gives his final approval to produce and market it.

No More Bad Hair Days Kit

Still blaming your bad hair days on things like shampoo, your hormones or the weather? Craig says the real culprit is your water! Water varies widely all around the U.S. and even within the same city. Extremely hard and moderately hard water contain minerals that cling to the hair and make it difficult for shampoo to clean properly. Soft water makes rinsing out shampoo a challenge, and can leave your hair limp and dull.

No More Bad Hair Days Kit

Robert Craig's No More Bad Hairdays Kit- comes with twelve test strips, three shampoos for different water (soft, moderately hard and extremely hard) and a spray on leave in conditioner. By simply dipping a test strip in a sample of water and comparing the resulting color to the colors of the bottles, it's easy to find out which shampoo to use. When the strip tests green the water is soft. Dark brown indicates moderately hard water, and light brown extremely hard. Each Salon-Formulated shampoo contains a special blend of botanical ingredients. The Conditioning Spray Leave In Protector- is designed to detangle, moisturize and protect against UV damage.

Color by Robert Craig

Color by Robert Craig is a permanent hair color without damaging chemicals. It is developed without a trace of harmful agents like peroxide, ammonia, alcohol, perfume or resorcinol.

Color by Robert Craig

At home hair colors can contain over 40 different ingredients/chemicals. Color by Robert Craig contains on average, 11 essential ingredients to cover grays, turn grays into highlights, go a few shades darker, tone down highlights or create lowlights. This innovative technology won't wash away or fade away, however it's gentle enough so that it won't damage the structure of the hair. The line is water activated which means there is no separate chemical developer to worry about. Because there is no ammonia or peroxide, it doesn't have the unpleasant odors associated with typical hair colors. Without these damaging chemicals, color fades slower even in the sun and chlorinated water. The built in conditioners leave hair shiny, silky to the touch and tames the wiry hair that come with gray hair.

Robert Craig offers a variety of hair color and hair care products, for product information visit .


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