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Classic Colognes

Pamper your man with Virile Eau De Cologne Spray for Men. Virile Cologne is a classic clean scent for men enhanced with pheromone attractants -- beautifully packaged in black and gold. And Hollywood Fragrance Designer never forgets the women, so check out Lust for women -- also featuring pheromone attractants. Watch out it works. Lust for women, Virile for men' ..and all Shirley of Hollywood. Go to www.pamperedpassions.com for a fine selection of beauty and grooming luxuries.

Website: www.pamperedpassions.com


Oral-B ProfessionalCare Power Toothbrush:   Dad always appreciates the ties or cologne that he receives on Father's Day, but this year wouldn't it be great to give him something that benefits his health? As Dads get older they want to spend more time doing the things they love, and less time on dealing with problems (including oral-health). An Oral-B ProfessionalCare rechargeable toothbrush is the perfect gift to keep Dad healthy and smiling. It delivers cleaner, healthier teeth and gums than an ordinary manual brush for only $59.99. Visit www.parentconfessions.com to download a $10 rebate and to personalize a Father's Day card free from Kodak.


Z.Daisy Gift Pails

Z.Daisy Pails

Z.Daisy Gift Pails:  What a unique gift! Z.Daisy Gift pails are filled with either luxurious hooded bath towels, soft blankets or the "must have" for every kiddo - a minky soft binkee bungee holder. Z.Daisy was a hit at the GBK Gifting Suites in Los Angeles celebrating the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Celebrities that went ga-ga over Z.Daisy and had to have some for themselves were: Mimi Rogers, Shannon Elizabeth, Dr. Drew (picked up a few to give to Adam Corolla's 1 year old twins), Traci Bingham and Jorge Garcia from TV's hit show Lost.


Body Tools Face Savers Tool Kits

Body Tools Face Savers Tool Kits

Body Tools Face Savers Tool Kits:  Put all your BodyTools needs in one kit for easy convenience or as a gift for dad this Father's Day. A BodyTools Tool-Kit provides all the Tools your Body needs including: 5 x 6 x 12 black polyester men's dopp kit, 2 oz. face & body wash, 2 oz. shave cream with tea tree oil and aloe lanolin and apricot kernel oil vitamins A & C, 2 oz. SPF 15 after shave repair and protect, 4 oz. aluminum bottle SPF 15 face guard and a BodyTools shave tips card!




Mary Kay:  It's all about loving your skin again! By way of a complimentary in-person pampering session, or a phone consultation Mary Kay will help you select the most targeted products to make your skin glow, wrinkles decrease and wow everyone! Including, but not limited to: Satin Hands, Skin Care Cleansing/Refreshing, Microdermabrasion, Skin Moisturizing/Softening and Satin Lips! As a consultant with Mary Kay, the company that was rated the best-selling brand in the combined categories of facial skin care and color cosmetics, based on the Kline & Company, Inc.'s 'Cosmetics & Toiletries USA 2005' study, you are in for a magnificent experience that will transform the way you look and feel. 


Essencia Aromatics Gentlemen's Gift Basket

Essencia Aromatics Gentlemen's Gift Basket:  Men have skin, too! Essencia has created botanical skin care products perfectly suited for their special needs. Their Gentleman's Gift Basket includes three essential skin care products that are sure to please. It contains a 5.0 oz. bar soap, their signature Gentleman's Bar, which is formulated and fragranced especially with men in mind, a 2.4 oz. Lavender Mint Shaving Syrup, for a clean, soothing shave and a 2.2 oz. Sandalwood Moisture Therapy lotion (SPF 15) to hydrate and protect. Pamper that special gentleman in your life with this trio of wonderful products packed in a java pandan basket.



Irish Spring Shower Power Tools

Shower Power Tools for Dad:  It seems the men in our life love our shower loot too! With Father's Day upon us, it's the perfect time to do the dirty work for him and buy him those shower power tools he'd never buy for himself but secretly covets: Experiment with A Body Wash -- just for him: Research shows that 63% of men opt for body wash over the standard soap bar. Now, instead of borrowing the body wash their girl leaves in the shower, guys can smell like, well, guys. Get fresh and clean with new Irish Spring Body Wash' loofah optional. Add Some Shower Power: Replace the existing shower head with a new one. Look for those with adjustable speeds, cool colors or even digital remotes! Ready, Set, Shave: Set up a designated shaving station. Add some new shaving supplies (there are loads of new gels, oils and aftershave balms on the market) and hang a waterproof mirror. The newest models feature lights, a spot to hang razors and even clocks!




Mood-lites are based on how different colors affect moods. Each 25W colored light bulb has a unique oil based coating, which creates a soft glow and sets a unique mood. The Metropolitan Starter Collection contains one of each Mood-lite and a beautiful lamp that turns on and off with a touch. The different moods include Serenity, Tranquility, Renewal, Happiness, Sassy, Energy, Passion, and Creativity. The Metropolitan Starter Collection was developed by the Mood-factory, a company that also makes 100% organic Mood-teas and Mood-scents, both based on research as well.



Mind Your Power Now

Intuitive Hypnotherapy:   Our conscious mind is only 12% of our mind. Our subconscious is 88% of our mind- the source of our fears, phobias, emotions, feelings, habits, behavior, motivation, confidence, and self esteem. Our subconscious info (belief system) determines the quality of our thoughts leading to our actions, that produce our results. If we keep on getting undesirable results in certain areas of our life due to fear, limiting belief, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, anger, etc. we must look into the subconscious to make True and Real changes that last, which then will change the results we get in life to more Positive, Desired ones. Hypnosis, and NLP are very effective and safe tools to change our belief system, releasing fears and concerns, raising our motivation to reach a specific goal, and helping us "clean" our mind from negativity of the past (anger, fear, guilt, sadness, and conflict). Whether it's money, health, relationships- which all begin in our MIND. 




RESPeRATE: The first ever FDA approved device to treat hypertension and stress. It's sold over-the-counter and can be purchased online. The device uses aided paced breathing to slow patients breathing rate to a therapeutic zone of less than 10 breaths per minute. Within a few minutes, the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels in the body relax and open up allowing blood to flow more freely, resulting in a significant reduction of blood pressure.



The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving: This father's day take your gift from average to first-class with a gift set that will not only take care of your dad's face, but will allow him to feel pampered everyday. The Art of Shaving, well the name says it all, shaving is an art and they have taken it to a masterpiece level. The Art of Shaving will take your dad's morning to a new level and offers you several great shaving gift sets that allow you pick what is best for dad and his needs on his day.

When it comes to a shave, the two most important items are the shaving cream and the razor. If you take care of the razor, The Art of Shaving will make sure you get a great shave with their shaving cream. The shaving cream would be best described as taking a great shaving cream and them whipping it into a fluffy, light, airy product. The amazing thing is that although you would think you need to use more to cover your face, it goes a long way. I took very little just to get going and it would up being enough for two or three shaves, this will last you a long time. In addition, not only does it give you a great shave, but it feels more like a moisturizer as opposed to shaving cream. Your dad will love it.

If you are looking to go past the shave, a great surprise for Dad would be the Skin Care Kit.  This kit provides, the facial wash, facial scrub, moisturizer and after-shave mask. The facial scrub has an amazing ability to get exfoliate the skin and deep-clean your pores, yet does it a gentle way, this product alone will be one of dad's favorites for years to come. The Art of Shaving also has a fabulous leather collection for father's day. These include travel case, travel kits and manicure sets, a must for the dad who hits the road and even if your dad just goes down to the local gym, these leather items will allow him to do it in first-class fashion.



The Gentlemens Refinery

The Gentlemens Refinery Shaving Kit

The Gentlemens Refinery is the new kid on the block when it comes to shaving. Master barber Perry Gastis worked for some of the premiere companies within the shaving and skin care industry, but he had grown tired of the synthetic additives and so he partnered with an organic chemist to form the Gentlemens Refinery line of men's skin care products. Every product in the Gentlemens Refinery line is 100% natural, paraben and alcohol free.

Mr. Gastis has put his years of experience to work to give a perfect shave. Start with his pre-shave oil. Use one of his two shaving creams and finish the job with his after shave balm that is designed to expedite the healing process as well as sealing the skin from external impurities.

The Gentlemens Refinery also offers a variety of silvertip badgers shave brushes if you are looking for that classic shave. If you really want your dad's bathroom to look great, you can get him the engraved Signature Nickel Shave Set that holds his razor and brush.



Sharps Gift Set for Dad

Sharps Gift Sets for Dad

Sharps Gift Set for Dad: Sharps have a line of products that will take care of dad from head-to-toe and the great thing about Father's day as they have a wide range of gift packs for every type of dad.

The Sharps Kid Glove Hydrating Gel after shave product is a must have for your dad. This gel product contains botanicals and anti-oxidants that help deal with; razor burn, dryness, sun damage and environmental pollutants. Simply put, this is the ultimate aftershave product and will let your dad realize he doesn't need to make faces and those painful sounds that come out from using those typical alcohol-based after shave products. Trust me this will put a smile on your dad's face.

The Daily Prep Concentrated Foaming Wash from Sharps is another product that will be pleasant change from dad's old facial products. To put this product up against dad's old bar of soap, well I can't really make a comparison because they don't belong in the same zip code, as the foaming wash will not only clean your dad's face, but will rejuvenate and bring his face back to life with a clean crisp feeling.





CardioChek®: High cholesterol has no symptoms, so even if dad says he feels great, he might be one of the 105 million Americans with the condition. CardioChek® is the first device to allow men to easily test their cholesterol and other cardiovascular health indicators at home.

CardioChek is the first handheld device cleared by the FDA for at-home testing of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and ketone levels which can indicate risk for coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and chronic diseases. The monitor and test strips produce results in less than two minutes with a small drop of blood. According to the American Heart Association, nearly 48 percent of American men have borderline or high cholesterol and CardioChek is a quick and easy way to manage it.

CardioChek™ MSRP is $99 and is available at Wal-Mart and other major retailers nationwide.


Spongeales Shower Gel In A Sponge for Men

Spongeales Shower Gel

Spongeales Shower Gel In A Sponge for Men: For Guys Only, a new bath sponge that is infused with shower gel, olive oil, glycerin and shea butter, with antioxidant vitamins A and E. The easiest way to clean and protect the skin, with no fuss, no shower full of lotions and bottles. Just one Spongeables is all that's needed. An exfoliating massage texture feels great, boosts circulation and keeps skin looking good. Made to last for at least 20 showers, with lots of thick lather and a brisk, invigorating aroma.

Website: Spongeables.com


Smooth Fitness 9.25X Treadmill

Smooth Fitness 9.25X Treadmill: The Smooth 9.25X is simply unmatched for features and quality. It is the star of the Smooth Fitness line, built to the same standards as commercial treadmills, the 9.25X is a home treadmill that won't disappoint. The 9.25X has been developed with advanced circuitry and innovative features including a heart rate monitor with wireless chest strap, a premium sound system, lifetime warranty and free shipping.

Website: www.smoothfitness.com


CleanRest: CleanRest, the most advanced mattress encasement available today, protects you from the millions of micro-toxins like dust mites, mold, and other harmful allergens, which naturally occur inside everyone's bed and pillows. These micro-toxins prevent a healthy night of sleep, especially for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Third generation textile expert, Gary Goldberg, created CleanRest after his children developed nighttime breathing problems. Unlike other encasements on the market today, CleanRest uses breakthrough MicronOne technology to create a breathable fabric with a weave so strong that it keeps micro-toxins from getting to you while you sleep. CleanRest encasements are waterproof, stain-proof, and durable enough for weekly laundering, constructed to cover the top, bottom and sides of bedding, slip on easily, close tight with a zipper, and are guaranteed for life. Visit www.cleanrest.com to learn more about how a new standard of clean can help you protect your sleep.

Website: www.cleanrest.com

Cosmetics Hair Care, Sun Care

Cosmetics, hair care, sun care: Finally, beauty products designed by a redhead, just for redheads. No more black eyes for those of us with pale brows and lashes. There is also a lot of cross over in this line for blondes, brunettes, and women who color their hair red. Our GingerBrown mascara is a top-seller as it a warm brown that will not turn black on lashes. Therefore, providing a much more natural look for most hair colors.

Website: www.justforredheads.com 



A Mio Fitness WAtch

A MIO fitness watch: From playing catch with the kids to going for a long walk after dinner, the Mio Shape Elite can monitor heart rate as well as calories consumed and burned. Unlike other heart rate monitors, MIO reads the user's heart rate through sensors on the front and back of the watch the user simply has to place their index and middle fingers on the sensors located on the face of the watch.  In addition, MIO can be used as a tool to help dieting Dad's count calories and manage their weight the MIO Shape Elite can be programmed with his personal stats in order to calculate how many calories he takes in and how many are burned during exercise.  MIO will even beep to notify you when you have reached your calorie goal for the day! The MIO Shape Elite retails for $149.99 on http://www.miowatch.com/content/view/168/175/ and features:ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap, Personalized percent of maximum heart rate display,Counts calories burned during exercise,Tracks calories consumed against a daily calorie target. MioSENSE a guide to healthy living packed with fitness and nutritional advice and calorie/carb tables, Interchangeable watch strap, Step-up your routine with MIO's dual interval Walk/Run program. Proven to get you in better shape in less time


Cristophe Beverly Hills Men's Grooming System

Cristophe Beverly Hills Men's Grooming System: Cristophe's Mens line consists of a grooming cream, styling gel, pomade, shampoo and conditioner. The Styling products provide two types of shaping spray, a styling whip, a texturizing fiber paste and an anti-frizz gelee for a hair-DO finale. Cristophe Beverly Hills Hair Care features unique, technologically advanced ingredients designed to pump up your hair's potential, including: heliogenol--the natural sun protector found in Sunflowers to shield hair from the summer sun. Cristophe Beverly Hills Hair Care is available at CVS Pharmacies nationwide and at Cristophe salons. Prices start at $6.99.


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