FLASH…Naked is in!

If fruit is your passion, snap up some great tasting fruit flavored glosses from Snapple.  The "snappy" bottle cap pops when you open it, just like the sealed in freshness of the original drinkable bottles. 

Snapple Cap

Pucker up with Pink Lemonade or Lemonade, or if "tea is your bag", try Kiwi Tiwi or Kiwi Strawberry. 

Lip Balm

Choose from a variety of other flavors too such as Fruit Punch, Banana, Snapple Apple, Lemon, Mango Madness, Raspberry, Raspberry-Peach, Mango Madness, Grapeade, Peach and Summer Peach.  All this and more for $3.00 to $5.00.  Yum!

Snapple Lip gloss

With the current 'au natural' trend, and a lip liner so creamy it doubles as a lipstick, look for "Lip Perks Duo Pencil by Joey of New York.  And remember, wear no more than 2 shades darker OR lighter then your own natural lip color to avoid that washed out look.  With a great new shade on each side, it's double the value too, and comes in yummy tasting exotic flavors like Chai Tea Latte and Rum Raisin.  You'll swear it's fattening.

What better way to enjoy the taste of ice cream all over your mouth or the wonderful scent of Chai Tea Latte.  Each individual crayon pencil offers a great duo of creamy lip liner on one side and a great tasting gloss stick on the other.  And if it's a more vibrant look you're after, apply a darker color ever so lightly, and smooth it across your lips with your finger.  The latest two tone crayon pencils offer a richer look, and gives your lips a new depth as a result.  Mmmm, great tasting and glides on smooth and creamy, no mess-no fuss ever.

Candy without the calories?  Slick on delicious tasting Sugar Daddy Caramel or SweeTarts lip balm to protect and moisturize your precious pout.  P.S. your dentist will thank you! 

Or for that chocolate craving, paint on some Hershey's Chocolate Kiss, complete with its own lip brush included.  Kick it up a notch with mint, and you've got a genuine York Peppermint Patty treat.  They're packaged like the real thing, and sure to give your lips some pow!

for more info or to purchase these products you can visit: www.snapple.com/beststuffshop/lipslicks.html

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