Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

Are you trying to conceive? Frustrated by all the guesswork involved? Clearblue Easy's Fertility Monitor can tell you your most fertile days.


On certain days of each month, a woman's body ovulates, releasing an egg ready for fertilization. In order to get pregnant her partners sperm must fertilize this egg soon after ovulation. Under the right conditions, sperm can survive for several days inside a woman's body. Therefore, to maximize chances of getting pregnant, intercourse should happen on the days just before, as well as during ovulation. Here's where it can get tricky, without any obvious apparent signs of ovulation, knowing precisely when ovulation occurs can be difficult. That's where Clearblue Easy can help.

Unipath a pioneer in the rapid immunoassay technology which revolutionized pregnancy testing with their first-ever one-step pregnancy test, has yet another innovation with their technologically advanced Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. This monitor is specifically designed to be used at home. It more accurately identifies more fertile days than any other over-the-counter method and unmistakably displays a woman's personal level of fertility every day.


How it works:
The monitor detects changes in the levels of two key fertility hormones using urine Test Sticks to identify the days when a woman is most likely to conceive. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor consists of a hand held Fertility Monitor and disposable Test Sticks. On the morning after the start of her period, the woman presses the m button to initiate that cycle of use.  Thereafter, the woman simply looks at the fertility monitor every morning and, through its display, it guides her through her cycle. The Fertility Monitor will request one test every day for 10 or 20 consecutive days, depending on the length of the woman's cycle and the timing of her LH surge. 

Easy to use the woman holds the test stick in her urine stream for 3 seconds only. She then inserts the Test Stick into the Fertility Monitor, which will take 5 minutes to read the test. When the Test Stick is removed, the Fertility Monitor will show her Fertility Status as either Low, High, or Peak. The woman then knows that to maximize her chances of conception she should be having intercourse on days of High and Peak Fertility.

The difference between the Fertility Monitor and other means of predicting ovulation is that you can know with more certainty which days are the fertile days leading up to ovulation.


In the past a traditional way to predict ovulation was using a basal body thermometer. A woman would count and chart slight changes in her body temperature throughout her cycle. The problem with this is that she would have to take her temperature every morning before getting out of bed. If she forgot and got up to say use the bathroom she missed out for that day, it wasn't possible to go back and take her temp.

Then came the Home Ovulation Tests, which typically give 24-36 hours advance notice that ovulation would occur. They were much easier to use than the thermometer, but they only gave a woman notice just before she ovulated and the fertile days that came before ovulation were wasted.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor detects the changes in levels of hormones that control a woman's fertility, so she typically has up to more six fertile days per month, than with any other method.  Which translates into more chances for those sperm to be in the right place at the right time. In addition the Monitor also records and stores a woman's person cycle information to build a complete and accurate picture of her most fertile days. It also lasts for years, helping you plan future pregnancies, all you need to do is keep fresh batteries and buy additional Test Sticks.


The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is clearly the easiest and most advanced method to date of tracking a woman highest fertility days and ovulation for those who are trying to conceive.

Available without a prescription. You can find Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor in most Drug Stores, at online shopping outlets. Or by visiting their website at . For more information call 1800 321 EASY (3279).

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