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Are you one of those snoopy people who love to look in others medicine cabinets? I have to admit to sneaking a peak at least once in my life. It's interesting and tells you a little about that person. One of my favorite medicine cabinets was my grandmother's. I still remember a hand lotion that smelt like lavender or violets, I'm not sure now. But it was a slightly musky, florally scent, that I still like to call grandmotherly. The nostalgia makes me wonder what my grandmother's mother's medicine cabinet was like.


The people at C.O. Bigelow recently gave me a glimpse into what might have been lurking in the medicine cabinets of yore. As the oldest Apothecary in AmericaÔ, C.O. Bigelow has been able to keep the historic Apothecary tradition alive in today's modern society.  Established in 1838 in New York's Greenwich Village, C.O. Bigelow has served some of our country's most prominent personalities, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain and Thomas Edison.


Today, C.O. Bigelow, an apothecary legend, is writing a new page in its history.  By taking actual formularies and therapeutic ingredients that have been documented for nearly two centuries and fusing them with the best of today's technology. These folks are record keepers. They've kept copies of actual prescriptions their pharmacists and other doctors would make out for clients. From these prescriptions they have developed a line of beauty and body care products. Some of these products have the cache of being created over a century ago. The folks at C.O. Bigelow scoured through their records and picked out and perfected products that work for us today just as well as they did for our great great grandparents. Additional products are based on years of research and the personal expertise that comes from searching the globe for proven remedies. . C.O. Bigelow formulas rely on the finest time-tested therapeutic ingredients and apothecary extracts to treat the face and body.  They fuse decades of knowledge with modern pharmaceutical techniques to create classic, authentic preparations for all types of skin needs. Their products range utilizes many important apothecary ingredients, such as the Apothecary Rose, renowned throughout the world for its skin healing benefits. Many of the products are not only authentic to the original formularies but have been named for the doctors who created them or for the patients for whom they were created.  All the products have been formulated with the finest quality natural ingredients, and are made without synthetic fragrance. The packaging has been designed to mimic original bottles and the labels have incorporated the original prescriptions into their design.


That's not to say the products don't have a scent. They do they smell like the ingredients that are used to make up the products. So you may smell fresh ripe lemons, soothing lavender, spicy mustard, delicate roses, grapefruit, and even cucumbers. The scent doesn't linger for a long time, like those with chemical based fragrances. It just smells lovely going on and then dissipates leaving you to smell clean and fresh. 


One of my personal favorites are the rose collection. Featuring triple rose water, rose salve, and a rose cold cream. Other fine products include a tropical fruit face scrub, a seaweed soothing mask, an eye de-puff gel, oil free- extra-light face lotion, Dr. Hiosous quince hand lotion, Dr. Galen Herbal Skin Tonic, 1838 Herbal Balm an herbal remedy inspired by a variety of therapeutic ointments used in their apothecary since 1838, and Dr. Keightly's mouthwash concentrate a strong and tasty mouthwash in a bright cherry red color.


They haven't neglected the men they have Dr. Galen lather shave original formula, Dr. Galen cream shave sensitive skin formula, Dr. Galen Hunter after-shave lotion, and Galen Hunter after shave lotion sensitive skin formula.


Products are available at C.O. Bigelow and Bath and Body Works stores, which have been named an authorized purveyor of the brand because of their commitment to provide the same trusted service Bigelow's customers, have come to love. 


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