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When I was younger, the thought of wrinkles was never a concern that crossed my mind. I had always just assumed that you didn't start getting them until 30 or so, and even then it wasn't so evident until later. I think that's a common mistake children make, they think they don't have to worry about anything till 'later'; a day that they don't realize could be right around the corner.

Skin Spa Youth Serum

At age 18, I was rudely awakened by the realization that those, once cute, little expression lines on your forehead stop disappearing, and that the little wrinkles under your eyes aren't just there because you didn't sleep well. They're permanent. That depressing truth crushed me. I wasn't even old enough to drink, and I felt like I was already on the downward slope.

Bottle's label: Ingredients & Directions

Evidently, I'm not the only one afraid of losing my precious youth, every year more and more women (and men!) are getting Botox and Collagen injections or even worse, going under the knife. The thought of surgery is frightening to me, and I think I've seen just one to many shows about all the things that can go wrong with injecting foreign objects into the body; but what natural options are we left with?

There are currently hundreds of anti-aging/anti-wrinkle creams, masks, serums, drinks, etc. on the market, and ever since my early teens, I've tried numerous brands without any real feeling of a result. I recently discovered Skin Spa Therapies' Youth Serum, and although I was skeptical, I decided to give it a shot.

The recommended use is twice a day, so when I got home, I washed my face and put some on. I was surprised at how quickly it dried and absorbed into my skin. I had barely started applying it to the other side of my face, when I could feel it pulling and tightening as it dried. I had never experienced a feeling from a product, especially not this fast. I could see the subtly difference in seconds.

I was thrilled to have found a product that actually worked. I have used it everyday, twice a day, and can see and feel the difference. The secret is the cell respiration ingredients that oxygenate the skin and help it reproduce the levels of Collagen it produced in youth. The Youth Serum product retails at $69.95 and comes in a 1 oz bottle. If you would like more information on this product or others from Skin Spa Therapies, you can go to the website at

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