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The market for men's skin care products has increased greatly over the past decade as men are looking to care for their face and keep a more youthful and clean appearance.
BodyTools has taken it to another level, they have a great line of products, but they have made a commitment to making products that will help with anti-ageing and skin cancer prevention.
BodyTools offers three moisturizers; Face Guard, After Shave Repair and Protect and Citrus Body Armor and what sets these apart from others are the fact that all of these moisturizers are formulated at the SPF 15 level but also contain Butyl Methooxydibenzoylmethane. That last one is a mouthful and most of us have no clue what it is, but this helps fight against skin cancer and wrinkles caused by exposure to the sun.

Skin Care Products by Body Tools

The partners of BodyTools, Dr. Steven May and Al Wines are able to use their experience and give the consumer a product that puts all of their experience to use. Dr. May has over 25 years experience in the health and wellness field, while Mr. Wines has put to use his over 25 years in buying and merchandising such products.
The most impressive BodyTools product I found was the shave cream.

The Creamy Body Tools Shaving Cream

I'm not sure if it is the tea tree oil, but they have a product here that feels as smooth putting it on your face as it does taking it off with your razor. It will give you a clean close shave as well as giving your skin as soft feel even before you add a moisturizer. Follow your shave up with one of BodyTools moisturizers and your face will not only be silky smooth for the rest of the day, but it will also give you the protection that your face needs.

Body Tools Hair Care Products

If your face needs a little more work, maybe you have a little acne breakout, or just want to get those pores extra clean give the Licorice Charcoal Mask a try. The activated charcoal in this product helps to absorb all the impurities in your skin.
BodyTools also goes beyond just your basic products; they have some other great items that are worth a shot. To use on yourself or to share with your partner, there is the Macadamia-Kukui Nut Massage Gel, which provides the perfect texture you would want for a massage, but the smell is too much. It will make you feel like you are on the beach of some exotic island when you close your eyes, getting a massage using this gel will put you in the ultimate relaxed state.
One more product worth a shot is the Citrus Salt Scrub. You can use this to exfoliate any part of the body, or if you prefer just take a scoop and pour it directly into your bathtub to have it hit the entire body and give you a relaxing bath.
BodyTools are available in select stores or online at You can find out more information on BodyTools at their website or call them at (323) 654-7565.

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