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Want to be craved? Cake Beauty Products may have the answer. Every woman has been told that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and by that philosophy Cake brings us Sweet Cheeks. This brown sugar scrub will definitely have his mouth watering for a taste. Sweet Cheeks comes in a giant 16oz jar that can be used over and over before the shower or bath. Go it alone or enlist a helping hand. A steamy shower quickly fills with the aroma of spicy cinnamon and brown sugar immediately as the jar is opened. Don't be surprised if you find a sudden cookie craving coming on after a using this product.

Cake Beauty is dedicated to creating products that fulfill both physical and emotional needs, and Sweet Cheeks delivers on that promise. Applying the scrub is reminiscent of an expensive spa treatment as the sweet smelling sugar granules massage and exfoliate the skin in a surprisingly gentle way. You'll find yourself going back for double dips so make sure to block out enough time to indulge without interruption. Sweet Cheeks has been enhanced with six different vitamin rich oils to leave your skin kissably smooth and soft. The yummy fragrance of Sweet Cheeks comes from pure vanilla and cinnamon, and the rich oils penetrate the skin, quickly infusing every inch of the body with the tasty scent of sugary spice.

Washing Sweet Cheeks body scrub off is as sinfully enjoyable as applying it. Warm water catches the sugar grains and brushes them along the skin as they wash away. This sensation is unreal and certainly gets your limbs in the mood to be touched. Skin glows for hours after this treatment, and the tantalizing fragrance is attention getting. Watch out when you first open this product as the oil can make it a little messy, and while rinsing off, make sure the shower or bath has enough traction to prevent you from slipping.

A jar of Sweet Cheeks will run you $32.00, but the ample jar will last for quite a while. Use the large round grains to soften especially rough areas like knees, elbows, and heels, but don't be afraid to scrub more delicate areas too. Sweet Cheeks is not meant for the face or areas that are likely to break out as the moisturizing oil could clog acne prone pores. Also, make sure to avoid recently shaved areas that may be prone to irritation. This scrub eradicates coarse and dead skin cells so try using this product the day before getting a spray tan for a more even result, but never use the product on the same day as the oil could create an uneven appearance. Discover Sweet Cheeks and other Cake Beauty products at:

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