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Financial concerns, job-related stress, family issues, traffic. The demands of modern life, particularly in a thriving city such as Los Angeles, can be stressful and exhausting, and the methods of relief used to minimize stress, such as alcoholic beverages, can often eventually be the cause of further anxiety. So what is the answer?


Zenify is the first, all-natural beverage that assists the human psyche in getting calm, sharp and focused. Zenify is the leader in the high quantity and unique combination of L-Theanine, GABA and Glycine; it also contains folic acid, which is beneficial to women. Zenify is one of the few companies in this market today with an all-natural blend that has ingredients which are GRAS certified by the FDA.


Zenify: The ultimate in healthy relaxation


In addition to containing these healthy ingredients, which are proven to promote serotonin and dopamine levels, Zenify is a also carbonated beverage with champagne-style bubbles and a sophisticated fruit essence (Passion Fruit, Peach and Mango natural flavors).


Zenify is only 50 calories, naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract, and is caffeine, gluten and sodium free.


Splash Magazine sat down with Zenify Chairman Brian Liu, who is also Co-Founder of LegalZoom.


SPLASH: Since Zenify is the first all-natural anti-stress drink on the market with proven ingredients, how was the product idea conceived?


BRIAN LIU: “The idea for Zenify came about after Adam Rosenfeld spent a week in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  He felt so at peace that he wanted to bring that feeling of freedom and a stress-free outlook back home. But even more importantly, he wanted to do something about the increased polarization of society so that people can coexist in our global community.  So he did some research and found 26 ingredients that could help people de-stress and find more peace in mind and body.  Over the next several months, using himself as a test subject, he narrowed it down to two. Today, Zenify is the most effective stress-relief drink on the market. The ingredients are all natural and scientifically shown to reduce stress. They include anti-oxidants found in green tea (L-theanine) and our body’s natural calming agent (GABA).  Together, they increase serotonin and dopamine, promote a sense of well-being, and regenerate your mind and body naturally.”


SPLASH: Has the response on Zenify been good, particularly from the population of people in Southern California who don’t drink alcohol?


BRIAN LIU: “The reception to Zenify, as a natural stress-relief drink, has been quite positive.  There’s so much stress and tension in our everyday lives, it’s no wonder that many of us are looking for a healthy alternative to energy drinks.  But many people are also seeking a more positive lifestyle.  They don’t want to be associated with the tension-filled angst and conflict represented by many energy drinks.”



SPLASH: If you have a story of someone’s specific positive response, please tell us.


BRIAN LIU: “In addition to the 18-25 year old demographic who really like Zenify, our drink is popular among 35-45 year old women.  It’s stressful raising a child and steering a course for them through the world.  Yet it seems like many women in that age bracket don’t have the time or the same outlets as men for stress relief.  For example, alcohol isn’t a good idea if you need to stay alert and still get things done.

I’ve had so many people tell me they “needed” a natural stress relieving drink like Zenify! For example, the wife of one LegalZoom co-worker is addicted to the drink because it helps her deal with the challenges of raising four kids under the age of 10.  And I’ll never forget the guy who works in accounting who tells me he used to take 5-hour energy three times a day, but now drinks Zenify because he realized that stress was making him unproductive, and caffeine only made him more jittery.  Other people tell me they just like the taste and what we stand for.”



SPLASH: You have a significant number of years of experience building LegalZoom. How do the practices you employed toward LegalZoom’s success impact the work you’re doing with Zenify?


BRIAN LIU: “In my 13 years starting and running LegalZoom.com, I learned invaluable business lessons.  I knew the hard work and dedication it took to developing a brand – the long nights and the passion and you need to persevere and achieve success.  I also understood the importance of values.  LegalZoom is all about making it easier and more affordable for people to get the legal protection they deserve.  We never forgot that we were in business to help people with important legal matters in a time of need. 


In the same way, Zenify is much more than a good-tasting beverage.  It’s a statement about your beliefs and what you want the world to be – more together and harmonious, less polarized and tense.  I’ve got a passion for helping people and making a positive difference, and I’m bringing the same purpose and enthusiasm to Zenify.


I enjoy building new categories, and I see tremendous potential with Zenify.  Just as important, I see a great opportunity to make a positive contribution to people's lives.”



SPLASH: Your press release mentions that a portion of the proceeds of Zenify supports charity. Which charity is it, and how did you choose them?


BRIAN LIU: “At Zenify, our mission is to make a positive difference in the world, one person at a time.  As society is becoming more polarized, we want to find ways where people can bridge their differences and learn to coexist.  Stress and tension lead to anger and conflict, so that is the primary functionality of our drink.  But to make a bigger impact, we’ve teamed with The Coexist Foundation to sponsor programs, which promotes understanding and bridges people from all backgrounds and cultures.  We’re proud to be their partner, and they will have new and exciting endeavors in the near future. We dedicate 5% of our profits to The Coexist Foundation.”


SPLASH: With Zenify currently available in Southern California, Texas and New Mexico, do you see the product branching out to other markets soon?


BRIAN LIU: “The drink is currently available in select locations in Southern California, Austin, New York and New Mexico – including Gelson’s and the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel.  We are now actively looking to expand nationally, with a primary focus on natural and specialty food stores.”


Live Stress Free with Zenify


Zenify is the leader in the high quantity and unique combination of L-Theanine, GABA and Glycine.  Zenify also contains folic acid, which is beneficial to women. Zenify is one of the few companies in this market today with an all-natural blend that has ingredients which are GRAS certified by the FDA.


Zenify is more than a drink -- it's a way of living that’s healthy, conscious and connected. And it’s easy to see why people are living the Zenify lifestyle – where one can be connected and creative and live stress free.



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