Dom Pérignon 2003 Review: Passionate Penchant Pour Pérignon … Richard Geoffroy Carefully Caresses the Willful 2003 Grapes into Submission.

It’s a glance away … it’s a smile … a wink … a skip in your step … a twinkle in your eye … it’s smiling … it’s dancing … it’s laughing … it’s crying … it’s a celebration … it’s making harmony with a broken heart … an experience … a whisper … a lingering scent …  it’s life …  and I love it … It’s Champagne :)  

... And the first name that pops to mind is Dom Pérignon.

... So, when summoned by ghosts to a champagne rendez-vous, in West Hollywood, at the vintage Chateau Marmont,  Bungalow 3, I might add ... where one's palate was promised to be placated with pearly bubbles poured from the cellars of Pérignon: The Oneotheque 1976, Oneotheque Rose 1992 and the recently released Dom Pérignon – 2003.  It was hard to resist.


Chef de Cave ... carefully caressed the willful 2003 grapes into submission


Richard Geoffroy - modern day Bacchus

Richard Geoffroy, the Chef de Cave, at Moet & Chandon’s premiere and prestigious chateau: Dom Pérignon, is the one man, alone, responsible for deciding whether or not to declare a Dom Pérignon vintage. Were the spirits taunting him then in 2003 ... hailstorms in April, destroying most of the crop, the remainder tried and fried by a scorching heat wave, the hottest in over 50 years, and finally humbled by threatening storm clouds which forced the earliest harvest since 1822 ... Needless to say, there wasn't much hope for this bunch!

... turning a conundrum into a contradiction ...

However, Geoffroycarefully caressed the willful 2003 grapes into submission … turning a conundrum into a contradiction.  A modern day Bacchus, like his champagnes, he does not have a superiority complex but rather a complex superiority.  

Should you wish to indulge ... the bubbles born in 2003 have been set free.  

The Dom Pérignon 2003 is hauntingly harmonious, it's flirtatious elegance leaves a lingering tingle as you float away ...

... and with you float away ... the wishes … the memories … the past … the future … and then back to the present... just to have another sip of the “stars”... 

Could this have been the same thing the Benedictine monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon was experiencing in the 17th Century in Hautvillers, France?

Perhaps, you'll make sense of what I'm saying after you have had your first sip ... :) 


Your trusted friend,

Charlotte Pehnmore

Photographs by Kaylan Clark @ edit.Photography



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