Ninja and Remington Review – A Difficult Choice

I am having an affair with a pair of coffeemakers. No, not with barristas, female or male, but with two coffee making devices. One has the unlikely name of Ninja, the other is addressed more formally as Remington.


I’ve been testing the pair. Each has a batch of features, and the ability to brew single cups as well as half or full carafes and other amounts. The Ninja Coffee Bar, its full name, has a digital clock on its control panel, and buttons and dials to program brewing and several styles of drip coffee making.




There’s a lever to allow a single cup to be filled and adjustable settings to make just enough for a half carafe and a full carafe. Pushing the button labeled Classic Brew gives you a basic drip style and pushing the button labeled “Rich Brews” gives you a stronger mix that can hold its own while being reinforced with milk and sugar.




And another button gives forth a concentrated coffee liquid to form the base for more powerful drinks such as cappuccino or latte. The part I like best is an add-on, a simple glass vessel that looks and functions like a French press. Punch it down a few times and you can pour milk foam that makes any drink look and taste special. As long as the ‘on’ button is set and the machine is plugged in, the base holding the finished coffee stays hot. Really hot.  I’ve never had a lukewarm cup from this baby, no matter how long the carafe has been sitting on the base.



The Remington is equally versatile. Bruce Burrows, the inventor, wanted to produce the same perfect coffee he had enjoyed at places like Starbucks. He realized he would have to re-invent the way coffee was brewed at home. Burrows experimented with a variety of formats and came up with “Spin-Brew” technology, which spins, steams and stirs during the brewing process. The technology is working all through the brewing process to open up the grounds, unlocking and releasing the full coffee flavor and doing away with bitter aftertaste.  True believers praise the Remington for delivering exquisite coffee, whether in a full sized unit or in one designed strictly for single-serve, concentrated brews.  


There are several Remington models on the market, all capable of using K-Cup, Real Cup, One Cup and other private label cups, while also producing single serve from normal ground coffee supplies. Remington in 2015 released its ICoffee single cup brewer, which also can produce a pleasing brew in all the standard formats. The Remington also allows users to brew any size drink between 4 and 12 ounces in half-ounce increments. Remington and the Ninja people take pride in allowing consumers to use their own grounds, thus eliminating huge quantities of K-cups in community landfills. That facility is also much cheaper than buying single cups.



Photos:  Courtesy of Ninja and Remington

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