Nespresso Lattissima Review – Bringing the Coffee Shop to your Home

Tired of the long lines at the local coffee shop, not to mention the high prices? Become your own barista with the Nespresso Lattissima, as the latest technology in coffee making will allow you to make any coffee drink you like without having to put on an apron.

The Lattissima was made with one touch buttons so it is just as easy as it sounds to make any type of drink you need to get you going in the morning. There is a one-step button for a cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso and lungo. While the one-step button makes the machine easy, what makes it even easier and helps you avoid all of the mess of the typical coffee machine are the 16 Grand Crus Capsules that you can use with your Lattissima.

Nespresso Lattissima

You just place a capsule in your Lattissima and you are ready to go and once your coffee is done, you just flip the lever and your empty capsule pops out. Nespresso has what would have to be considered the recipe book of coffee at your disposal. They have the 16 different flavors broken down into whatever way you are likely to pick your coffee. You can rate your coffee based on intensity, any type of aromatic note that you could think of and simply by drink type. To make sure you never run out of coffee, you can join the online Nespresso Club and they have even added Nespresso Mobile, allowing you to use nearly any smartphone to take care of your ordering needs.


The Lattissima has thought of everything, including the things you would have never thought of. How about a froth regulator? You can adjust the quantity of froth that you want on your drink and you can adjust it based on the type of milk you use as well. Everyone has different water that they use to make their coffee so the Lattissima has a descaling alert according to programmed water hardness. While the Lattissima does so much, one part that you will grow to love is that it is simply a beautiful machine and you will love to have it on your kitchen counter and let all of your friends be a little jealous whenever they visit.

If your normal everyday coffee drinks are not enough for you, Nespresso has an entire section of recipes for you that include such drinks as: coffee custard with caramel milk froth and chestnut coffee, just to give you a taste. For more recipes, make sure to visit:

Most everyone reaches for that coffee cup in the morning or they stop on their way to work to overpay for that piping drink they need to get their day started. If you want to get that great taste in your own home and do it simply and quickly the one machine for you is the Nespresso Lattissima.

For more information on the Nespresso Lattissima, visit:

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