Nespresso Coffee Machines - Get Brewing on Valentine's Day

Chocolate and flowers quickly fade away, but coffee is forever. Well that is if you give that someone special a coffee machine from Nespresso this Valentine’s Day and if they love coffee as much as they love you, there is not going to be a gift that will make them any happier.

This Valentine’s Day don’t wrap that Nespresso machine; make it part of the holiday itself. What better way to wake up than to the aroma of an amazing cup of coffee and then you can finish off a romantic evening with an espresso, cappuccino or a unique coffee drink that is handcrafted for that special someone from your very own hands.

Nespresso gives you choices of two machines, the Nespresso Pixie and the Nespresso Lattissima. Each machine sets itself apart from any other coffee machine and they are both very stylish, come in multiple colors, making them a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Nespresso Pixie

Your valentine will love this as a gift, but the true gratitude will come on those workdays when they oversleep and need their coffee in a hurry. The Pixie has a heating time of 25 seconds, good luck finding a faster cup of coffee anywhere. In addition to being fast, it is easy to use, everything is beautifully visible and don’t worry about leaving it on, it has a nine minute auto power off. To take your Pixie to the next level you should most definitely add the Aeroccino, this will allow you to make milk-based drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes.

The Lattissima will make you feel as if you are in a hip and trendy coffee shop. An amazing one touch system will give you a cappuccino or a latte macchiato which are prepared with thick milk froth. This really is a machine that you will buy and just keep forever it is so clever. It has an adjustable cup size, so easy to use and no more messes and speaking of easy and no messes, the milk container slides right off and can be kept in your refrigerator. Finally for the 1% of the population that would ever think of it, although once we have the rest of us will come to appreciate it, the Lattissima has a programmable water hardness setting depending on whether you use soft, medium or hard water.

Of course every coffee machine is only as good as the coffee that brewed inside of it and the Nespresso Grand Crus coffees give you a wide range of fantastic flavors that will please everyone. You will find the full spectrum of flavors, you can try the full and balanced Roma or a fruity and balanced coffee in the Rosabaya. In total there are 16 different flavors to choose from and ordering it is as easy as making it. You can order it online, by phone, using your Nespresso app or you can purchase it in person at a Nespresso boutique.

It does not have to be Valentine's Day or any other holiday to get a little creative with your Nespresso coffee machine, there is a complete guide of amazing recipes on the Nespresso website that will enhance your coffee drinking experience any day of the week. For more tasty recipes like the one listed below, visit:

Rose Caffè Latte with Vanilla

Nespresso Cappuccino a la Rose - For Two A real declaration of love, Dulsão do Brasil falls for the rose, its sweet honey and maple syrup notes blending with the sugary lightness of the flower. A smooth coffee full of promise.


PREPARATION: 5 minutes


 *   2 capsules of Dulsao do Brasil

 *   2 pieces of white chocolate

 *   7 oz. of milk

 *   1 oz. of rose-water

 *   Crystallized rose petals


 *   Heat your Cappuccino cups

 *   Add a piece of white chocolate in each cup

 *   Prepare the capsules of Dulsão do Brasil as an espresso and pour in each cup

 *   Combine the milk and the rose-water

 *   Prepare the flavored milk using the steam nozzle of your Nespresso machine or the Aeroccino milk frother

 *   Pour the frothed milk into the cups and decorate with crystallized rose petals


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