National Lemonade Day - Giving You More Than Lemons

Few drinks stir up childhood memories quite like lemonade, so simple and so perfect on a hot day, it truly is the drink of summer. While the classic lemonade is still a great drink, the twists and varieties than you can now find make National Lemonade Day on August 20th a day to truly celebrate with an ice cold version of this classic drink.

To help celebrate this fun day, Splash Magazines Worldwide has put together a few of our favorite versions ranging from the healthy up to the adult styles.

How can you beat combining great taste and a healthy version of lemonade? That is exactly what Chomp Eatery in Santa Monica creates with five different versions that will make you fans of lemonade all year long. To start off, the lemonade that was made for those blistering days in Los Angeles is the Watermelon Lemonade with Chia Seeds. The five ingredients right on the label tells you exactly what you are getting, watermelon, lemons, water, a little agave and chia seeds that are soft and provide a great and unique texture while giving you all the health benefits of the chia seed. This is a drink you can't put down and it comes in the very cool mason jars, as do the rest of the lemonades.

Chomp Lemonade Lineup

Chomp also has four other great versions including; classic lemonade, strawberry, black and green and if you want to try all five you can one each version or any combination of five for only $15. The green version gives you the ultimate healthy and tasty lemonade around as it contains; kale, cucumber, parsley, spinach, celery, lemon, agave and classic lemonade. In addition to great lemonade, Chomp has quickly made a name for themselves with their wide ranging menu that includes cheat meal section that features items such as the Donut Burger. Chomp also has a great lineup of cold-pressed juices including one and three day juice cleanses. For more information visit: Chomp.

If you are looking for a more adult themed lemonade, you can stop by the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd or at Universal CityWalk. To celebrate the day they offering; Back Porch Tee – BACARDI Superior Rum, Bombay Sapphire Gin, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, iced tea, made-from-scratch lemonade, muddled basil and mint with a hint of Monin Cucumber. Raspberry Mint Lemonade – Smirnoff Raspberry Twist Vodka, Beefeater Gin, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, raspberries, mint and lemon topped with Sierra Mist. Strawberry Basil Lemonade (non-alcoholic) – fresh strawberries and basil muddled together with made-from-scratch lemonade. For more information visit: Hard Rock Cafe

Back Porch Tea

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Lemon Drop is the perfect ingredient to celebrate National Lemonade Day.


3 parts Ole Smoky® Strawberry Moonshine
2 parts Ole Smoky® Lemon Drop Moonshine
Splash of Lemon Lime Soda


Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries® and/or Lemon Wedge
Mix Ingredients and pour in glass over ice
Shine Responsibly®

Lemon Drop Moonshine

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