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Just Chill Beverages Review - A Liquid Guide To Letting Go

By Sebastian Gagyi

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The receptionist assured me this was one of the cleaner motels around, as a pair of cockroaches traversed the white wall behind him. It was Memorial Day Weekend and vacationing motorists have filled all of the area’s hotels and motels. I needed to sleep and I knew I wasn’t going to find accommodations elsewhere any time soon.  


So here I was, holding my reservation slip, aiming a stare at the small lobby’s display rack featuring regional attractions for those who had the time to indulge. Books to read, theater plays to see, visits to museums and the botanical gardens - none to my interest. For one, I wasn’t in the habit of throwing money out the window.


Five minutes later, sitting on the edge of the the bed I turn on the giant tv to distract myself from the misery that was slowly building up inside. News, cartoons, more news, no thanks. Football, baseball, golf, more baseball - oh, what-a-heck, might as well. The ball players were spitting at a furious rate, and I took it to be a sign of fortitude. Anchored by their vigorous motions and now imbued by the sadness of my day, I gave way to a virulent fit of self-loathing by means of hurling the suitcase open to the other side of the room. A muffled cling emerged from the sight of spilled clothes. And at once, I remembered: it was the neatly packed cans of Just Chill drinks I took along for my review.


What a perfect moment, I thought. And since the can I was holding encouraged me to “keep my cool” - the brand’s slogan  - I popped it open... by way of spraying it in my face, absent a mind to make the connection. Surely now drinking this was a measure of personal hygiene at a time when the misery of the mundane spread galopantly.



I finally took a sip from the blue, Just Chill flavored beverage named Tropical. And I kid you not: I was now ready to get over this recent past. The taste was new, very new indeed, unlike anything I’ve drank before. I quickly wanted to know what was inside so I read on the can: “12 ounces of no worries”. Poetic, maybe true, but I wanted the goods. So I read further: “Why sit on a mountaintop in Tibet when one sip of Just Chill gives you instant enlightenment?” Whoah! Were they that good, I asked myself, as I incidentally noticed losing the earlier disposition to fondle my emotional baggage?


Jamaican Citrus


As a prophylactic against wandering around bad neighborhoods inside my head, I started the next day with a morning Rio Berry that agreed to “promote a chill mentality”. And that’s exactly what I needed - a respite from crazy, a vacation from the existential loony bin of recent days. And whether Just Chill was a sugar pill, or the clever copy on the can worked it’s suggestion magic on an easy subject (moi) or the proprietary ingredient was indeed as powerful as to “take you to your happy place”, I didn’t care. Because for me it worked.


Rio Berry

By noon I was back on the road and a believer that I no longer needed to twist my body into a human pretzel in my weekend yoga class when one sip of Rio Berry could get me just as loose. 230 mg of Suntheanine or clinically supported L-theanine, the proprietary chill blend, seemed to be the juice that did the trick. I indeed could keep my cool without the side effect of drowsiness of other well intended products.

Just Chill is an American Product, based and conceived in Venice, CA. All drinks contain an impressive load of vitamins and minerals - A, C, B3, B5, B6, magnesium and zinc. That, coupled with the added proprietary blend (a lemon grass extract) and thirst quenching taste make Just Chill a must have on the top shelf of your fridge. Indeed good and good for you.

"Why sit on a plane for hours when one sip of Just Chill takes you to your happy place?"

Serenity of sorts

To purchase, please visit the splendid Just Chill website or see other locations.



Published on Jul 31, 2013

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