What We Saw At the International Housewares Show in Chicago – Beverage Innovation

Chicago’s McCormick Place was host to the 119th International Housewares Show from 5 March to 8 March.  It was an incredible time full of new innovation, artistic presentation and outstanding style.


We saw an almost overwhelming array of new products, too many to list, but here are a few in the beverage area that we had the opportunity to learn about more in depth. 


Aermate has created an innovative line of aerators for entire bottles and glasses of wine. You just insert the stainless steel probe into the bottle or glass, squeeze the silicone bulb and your wine is perfectly aerated. These are incredibly portable with models that can be carried in your purse for use in restaurants or wherever you go. It will be available through liquor retailers.

Aermate Bottle Aerator

Aermate Portable Glass Aerator

Sauvino’s Wine Preserver, a GIA innovation award winner for best product design and a kickstarter project, is a unique flask with a float design that locks out air and saves wine for later while allowing an easy pour.  They were also debuting their Shaker 33 Cocktail shaker, with the bold claim of being “the best cocktail shaker since Prohibition”. In demonstration, ingredients are placed inside the shaker, kept in with a locking lid, which will prevent accidents.  There’s also a strainer built in with two different hole sizes.  The top and strainer nest together to keep them clean and off the bar. It’s also dishwasher safe.  It comes in clear, with several colors of strainer, and with exterior finishes including black and stainless steel to go with more traditional bar looks. Available through liquor retailers and at the company website.

Wine Preserver


Cuisivin was debuting new designs in wineglasses and an exceptional Krapht Beer collection to give each style of wine or beer its perfect presentation. The beer glasses come in six styles designed to capture and release the beer’s aromatics, for a better drinking experience.  The Oberglas wineglasses exhibit contemporary European styling and are made of lead-free crystal, for exceptional clarity and brilliant presentation.  They have a consumer line and also one for the trade.


Kraft Beer

Taylor Products, under their Rabbit product line, was debuting some very handsome freezable whiskey and beer glasses that allow you to keep both beverages chilled to perfection without the need for ice. Available at their website.

Rabbit Whiskey Glasses

Beer Glasses

After all that liquor, it might be good to back it down a little, so we also checked out the Tea Totaler from Nantec LLC. This unique design pairs an insulated stainless steel travel mug with a plastic chamber on the bottom complete with strainer and storage for tea bags or loose tea.  Just place into the strainer and you can brew tea on the go – as long as you have a source of hot water-- and keep it hot in your travel mug.  There’s room for a number of tea bags, enough to last you all day! It comes in a variety of colors.

Tea Totaler Mug

Tea Totaler

More innovations from the show in different categories to come!

Product photography owned by the respective makers. Show photography by Suzanne Magnuson.




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