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Lemonade Flavors

Made with the freshest, sweetest, yummiest lemons from California, Hubert´s Lemonade harkens back to the days when Hubert Hansen himself would hop in his truck and share his homemade, fresh-squeezed juices with Hollywood stars and studios. All that´s missing is some summer sunshine and a tire swing. It´s happiness in a bottle.

I lived in this country for nearly twenty years now, yet the diversity of goods never seizes to amaze me.  And in the last couple of years, the amount of new beverages populating our convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations and Seven Elevens has developed into a real siege of color and flavor upon our taste buds.  Hubert’s Lemonade is one of those unforgettable summer experiences - cutely bottled varieties of tantalizing flavors. 


Shelve Candy

About a month ago, I took a trip up North to visit my daughter in Sacramento. To keep with what by now was a well instated tradition, I brought along a new, untested collection of beverage flavors from a new (to us, I thought) brand.  At the nearest grocery store, I fashioned my own box in which I added about a dozen or so of all seven flavors from Hubert’s Lemonade: cherry, strawberry, raspberry, limeade, mango, blackberry and original lemonade. I made sure to have them chilled in a large ice box and I finally picked up my youngen to head out for a drive to the river. In the hopes it would be a true surprise, I had her close eyes for the first taste. “Strawberry lemonade!” she yelled out, to my surprise – as if she was part of some game show where, if quick enough, she might go home with a Caribbean vacation or stack-up washer and drier. By the end of our little trip, she’d guessed all seven flavors and … was now doing the pee dance just the way she used to when she was a little girl. 


Along for the Ride


All of the flavored lemonades come in a 16oz. recyclable bottle with a printed smiley lemon that greets you with a wink. The drinks are made from real California lemons, with cane sugar and no addition of preservatives or caffeine. My personal favorite is the Original Lemonade – a perfect combination of sweet and tart and a living up to the promise this bottle made when it popped right out from the rows of oh so many other enticing drinks back at the grocery store.  The Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonades come as close seconds with an enthusiastic burst of real to life fruit.  The Limeade is a pucker maker, but in a good sense. I never thought the Cherry and Mango flavors would work when married to lemon, but they do in a very satisfying way!And with only 70 calories per serving (two in the bottle – not exactly a health drink) I could still alleviate my worries of binging on sugar. The taste is of an honest lemon indeed and the smell follows closely, unlike so many other brands that reek of artificial additives. 


My Favorite


Click here to learn where you can find all of the flavors of this delicious and satisfying summer beverage.

As the slogan goes, “It’s happiness in a bottle!”


Hubert's Lemonade


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