Hero Energy Shot - An Energy Shot to Celebrate Memorial Day

Energy shot drinks are everywhere, stores, gas stations, online, they are anywhere and everywhere. The only shot that will give back this Memorial Day and everyday is Hero Energy Shot.

Hero Energy Shot is proud to give a portion of proceeds to several great organizations that support our fire, police, EMTs and military personnel.  Partnerships include Soldiers’ Angels, USO, Operation Homefront, 9/11 Memorial, Wounded Warriars Project, and many others.

Hero Energy Shot has no sugar and no calories, this is going to ensure you don't have a crash. While helping many worthwhile causes, you will also find that the Hero Energy Shot has a much better taste than the wildly popular 5 Hour Energy. You are also going to save yourself some money as these are a better value than other energy shots on the market.

If you are looking for that quick boost to get you through the day, next time give Hero Energy Shot a try. You will not only be doing yourself good, but you will be benefitting many worthy people across the United States.

For more information on Hero Energy Shot, visit: http://www.heroenergyshot.com/?wpmp_switcher=desktop


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