Essentia Water Giveaway – The Water that is More Than Your Typical Water

Water is not simply water anymore, but the question is exactly what is in that bottled water you are buying? The fact is that all water is not created equal. Essentia water has taken the time to create a process that gives you water, that is more than water. Providing you with more than just simple hydration, Essentia will get you through you day and night like no other water can.

While drinking water will offer hydration and benefits to your entire body, Essentia offers more than just your typical water. Essentia water has a proprietary electrolyte formula, ionization process that results in an alkaline pH of 9.5. Electrolytes are often associated with exercise, but the benefits are more than just when it comes to exercise, they are beneficial in every aspect of life. Simple dehydration can impact how you feel from you joints to your muscles, whether you exercise or not. It can impact your sleep, overall health and energy level.  Drinking a bottle of Essentia before you go to bed will not only help you sleep better, but you will notice the difference when you wake up.

With each bottle of Essentia not only do you get the ionization process to create the 9.5 pH alkaline level, but you also get water that is infused with trace amounts of essential minerals. What that does is it emulates the naturally occurring minerals in your body. In terms of purity, Essentia water has taken that part of the process to the highest level through its process of microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light exposure that creates water that is 99.9% pure.

While Essentia is the perfect water for working out, it will help you make it through your hike, run or your typical gym routine, it is for everyone. Instead of reaching for that energy drink or coffee to start your day, add Essentia to your daily routine and you will notice the difference. Essentia will work with your body from the moment you wake up and keep on going through your entire night as you sleep.

To help introduce Splash Magazines Worldwide readers to Essentia water, we have teamed up with Essentia to give one lucky reader a case of Essentia water to try for themselves.

For a chance to win a case of Essentia Water you must follow @EssentiapHwater and @SplashMagWW on twitter and retweet the following:

RT & follow @EssentiapHwater & @SplashMagWW 4 a chance 2 #win #Essentia Water case #giveaway

The winner will be chosen from all valid entries on April 27th, 2014. All decisions by Splash Magazines Worldwide are final.

For more information visit Essentia

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