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bai5 already boasts a lineup of some of the most creative, flavorful and healthy drinks on the market and they just recently introduced the latest bai5 flavor sensation, the newly unveiled Molokai Coconut. This is the perfect drink for summer, providing you with that will make you feel as if you are on a tropical island with your own coconut tree. To help celebrate the launch of Molokai Coconut, Splash Magazines Worldwide and bai5 have teamed up to give two lucky readers a chance to win some of their own bai5.

Molokai Coconut

The store shelves are filled with energy and vitamin enhanced beverage product lines and while the label might catch you attention for what it promises, the ingredient list often tells a different story. High calorie totals, sugar and who knows what else dominates most of these drinks and that is what makes bai5 a great alternative. If a drink that has only five calories but has all the flavor of a full caloric drink and also contains 250% of the average daily antioxidant intake and has natural caffeine sounds like something you want to try, bai5 is the only product that fits that bill.

bai5 founder Ben Weiss has spent 15 years in the specialty coffee business and during that time he learned a coffee-grower's secret: that the coffeefruit surrounding the coffee bean delivers remarkable health-enhancing benefits. The benefits of coffeefruit celebrated by coffee growers had never been scientifically evaluated until Ben had a sampling of the fruit tested in a medical laboratory. After discovering the free-radical fighting potency of coffeefruit he worked to create a delicious, refreshing beverage by combining fresh exotic juices, white tea extract and the antioxidant properties of coffeefruit.

The coffee bean has always been harvested but the fruit were left to perish because they were simply too delicate to process. This fruit is filled with phenolic compounds that are found widespread throughout the plant and concentrated in the coffeefruit, it is truly an extraordinary antioxidant-packed superfruit that has been forgotten for much too long.

bai5 is an antioxidant infused beverage made from the most super of superfruits, the cofeefruit. bai5 has no preservatives, nothing artificial, OU Kosher, Vegan, Gluten and Soy Free. Every bottle of bai5 contains 250% of the average daily antioxidant intake and has natural caffeine (as much as a cup of green tea).  Most dieticians will tell you that calories from beverages are often overlooked and can lead to weight gain and other problems, making the 5 in bai5 the answer to that problem. Only five calories per serving makes this an incredibly healthy alternative to almost anything other than water.

While bai5 is loaded with health benefits, everyone also knows that when it comes to choosing a drink if it doesn’t taste great you are going to move onto the next beverage. To think this drink has only five calories per serving and that you can get your caffeine jolt from drinking it and you combine it with all of the antioxidants and you have what could be the perfect drink and you don’t need sugar to add the flavor, bai5 is simply sweetened with organic stevia.. In addition to the Molokai Coconut, bai5 comes in such flavors as: Brasilia Blueberry, Congo Pear, Costa Rica Clementine, Ipanema Pomegranate, Limu Lemon, Malawi Mango, Panama Peach and Sumatra Dragonfruit. Each drink will leave you with no question as to what fruit is in your drink, the Limu Lemon gives you a great lemonade feel to it and Ipanema Pomegranate is sweet but it has just a slight tart flavor that you would find in an actual pomegranate.

bai5 has teamed up with Splash Magazines to allow two lucky readers the chance to try bai5 as we are giving away two sampler packs of bai5.

To enter you must follow @SplashMagWW and @drinkbai on and tweet the following: Retweet for a chance to #win a case or 6-pack of @drinkbai courtesy of @drinkbai and @SplashMagWW

The two winners will be chosen by random on Thursday, June 27th, 2013. One entry per I.P. address and you must be a resident of the United States. All decisions by Splash Magazines Worldwide are final.

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