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Just when you thought the energy and vitamin enhanced beverage product line had run its course and there was nothing new out there along comes what just might be the most perfect of all drinks, bai Antioxidant Infusions. If a drink that has only five calories but has all the flavor of a full caloric drink and also contains 250% of the average daily antioxidant intake and has natural caffeine peaks your interest, let me introduce you to bai.

bai founder Ben Weiss has spent the past two decades in search for the best-quality, green coffee available when he came across what would lead to the creation of bai. The coffee farmers  from these regions have always used the whole fruit of the coffee bush to make high energy foods and beverages and this is when Ben knew that he had stumbled upon coffee’s untold secret.

The coffee bean has always been harvested but the fruit were left to perish because they were simply too delicate to process. This fruit is filled with phenolic compounds that are found widespread throughout the plant and concentrated in the coffee fruit, it is truly an extraordinary antioxidant-packed superfruit that has been forgotten for much too long. At this point Ben decided to go through research and development to harness the wonders of the coffee fruit and after turning his family’s kitchen into a makeshift laboratory for more than a year in which he was mixing coffee fruit and exotic fruit juices to create a delicious, healthful beverage, bai was created.

bai and bai5 are antioxidant infused beverage made from the most super of superfruits, the cofeefruit.  bai has no preservatives, nothing artificial, OU Kosher, Vegan, Gluten and Soy Free. Every bottle of bai contains 250% of the average daily antioxidant intake and has natural caffeine (as much as a cup of green tea).  bai5 has only 5 calories per serving and is sweetened with organic stevia.

While bai and bai5 are both loaded with health benefits when it comes to choosing a drink if it doesn’t taste great you are going to move onto the next beverage. As much as I love the antioxidants, that bai5 has only five calories per serving and that you can get your caffeine jolt from drinking it, my favorite thing about bai is the flavor. The regular bai comes in some tasty flavors such as Jamaica Blueberry, Tanzania Strawberry and several other great choices and you know after one sip exactly what you are getting, there are no shortcuts when it comes to flavor and taste with bai. The bai5 has flavors such as Costa Rica Clementine and Ipanema Pomegranate and others and the if you put a bai and a bai5 next to each other you would have to really think long and hard to figure out which one is the five calorie flavor. The regular bai is sweetened with organic cane juice and the bai5 is sweetened with organic stevia, each one combined with the coffee fruit along with exotic fruit juices and you have one memorable drink for any time of the day and any occasion.

bai has teamed up with Splash Magazines to allow two lucky readers the chance to try bai as we are giving away two sampler packs that will contain seven different varieties of bai.

To enter you must follow @SplashMagWW and @drinkbai on and tweet the following: Retweet for a chance to #win 7-pack of @drinkbai courtesy of @drinkbai and @SplashMagWW

The two winners will be chosen by random on July 2nd, 2012.
For more information on bai, visit: or

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