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Zang Toi Fall 2013 Collection Review | Musings of Imperial Russia

By Haili Pue

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Malaysian designer Zang Toi introduces his Fall 2013 collection to New York Fashion Week inspired by Imperial Russia. The color pallet for Zang Toi consisted of emerald green, brown, gold, and deep purples that took an inspirational nod to Zang Toi’s trip to Saint Petersburg Palace in Russia last November.

Zang Toi Fall 2013 Collection

Julie was my first ever muse.’ He motions Julie to come and join him during our interview ‘Come here with me Julie.’

‘This collection was inspired by my trip to Saint Petersburg Russia. I have always wanted to go there, for years. I finally made it there last November. It was so inspiring, and so cultural, and so beautiful and this is my own take of Imperial Russia,’ he motions to his collection as we stand backstage surrounded by all of the beautiful apparel about to go out to runway for the first time to be introduced the media and fashion forward Bigwigs who will see the intricate work of Zang Toi’s newest line for the first time.

‘The color pallet is composed of three shades light brown, dark brown and black, which I call Amber, Mahogany and Gem. I open the beginning of the collection with neutrals. It is all very neutral at first when I open with the Amber Loro Piana Cashmere Faberge Coat. And then transition into mahogany and black. And then transition into evening. The Russian’s love their bling and their jewels so we go into sapphire, amethyst, and emerald and lots and lots of gold to close the show,’ adds Zang Toi showing me the sketches posted on a board of the runway order. The finale looks catch my eye – the sketches are gorgeous.

Sketches placed in order for the Runway. Backstage at Zang Toi

‘And Julie is my first ever muse,’ as he signals to the beautiful Julie Macklowe standing beside him during the interview. Julie wears the newest collection from the 2013 collection beautifully representing the Zang Toi line with her petite frame in a strapless black suede dress with gold appliqué that hits right above the knee. I obsess over Julie’s dress as we all start to gush over how stunning she looks for the Zang Toi show.

Backstage with Zang Toi and Julie Macklowe

I turn my attention back to Zang Toi because I must know – what is his favorite piece of the collection? I know that this will be a hard decision for Zang seeing that we are surrounded by racks and racks of his Fall 2013 collection and each piece stunning in its own right, each an amazing amount of time and effort to create. I’d like to pick his brain to see exactly which piece will surface as his favorite. ‘For the finale you have to see the coat – the beading is so spectacular. The entire beading is similar to the beading that Julie is wearing. It’s a technique that is so spectacular! It was inspired by the most beautiful, over the top ballroom in Saint Petersburg Palace. The last gown and coat during the finale was inspired by that.’

Zang Toi Finale Fall 2013

During being seated at the runway we took our places and grabbed our goody bags, which included a complimentary ZoyaNail Polish. Zoya is featuring a nail polish collection exclusively for Zang Toi called Imperial Russia consisting of a trio that comes in gold, emerald green, and a deep purple. All inspired by and exclusively for Zang Toi’sFall 2013 collection. After receiving our goody bags and taking our seats the lights dimmed and Zang Toi presented his take on Imperial Russia the Fall 2013 collection ‘A modern take on the Imperial Russia that reimagines the historical and opulent looks of the Faberge Egg and Peterhof Palace.’ The runway was beautifully received as Zang Toi had a standing ovation from a full house at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Pre-Runway for Zang Toi Fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Zang Toi's Fall 2013 Collection

Zang Toi Fall 2013 Collection

Published on Feb 28, 2013

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