Your Perfect Wedding Dress: Style and Inspiration Ideas for Spring

You want your dress to be perfect. You want to remember it fondly. You want something that's trendy, but still perfect for your vision, still uniquely you.

We've got you covered. We'll present you with the trends for a spring wedding in 2015. Use them for inspiration to find your dress, your bouquet, your colors - and make your vision come to life.  

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Dress was on the runway for the wedding dress trends of 2015. Here's what they discovered:

  • A lot of the dresses featured off the shoulder necklines. This is such a romantic, sexy but classy feature that any woman can pull off.
  • Tulle is the go-to fabric of the season. Many designers used it for the skirts of the gowns. It added a bit of whimsy and elegance to them.
  • Capes were another creative trend. They were used in place of veils, and added mystery and grace to the gowns.
  • Some of the gowns were designed for the beach. Spring is the beginning of the beach wedding season, so if you want a beach wedding, make sure your gown is tailored to the weather.



Wedding gowns don't have to be simply white anymore. There were a lot of new colors for gowns featured on the runway. The trend varied between very light colors and a neutral color. Here are some of the ones that stood out for us:

  • Mint green: It's refreshing, it's feminine, and it's perfect for spring.
  • Yellow: This was more of a pastel yellow than the bright, sunny color you're used to seeing. Think of a soft lemon or something similar.
  • Earth tones: From toasted almond to a darker champagne, earth tones are the perfect compliment to shades of white like ivory and cream. If you really want to make it pop, couple it with metallics. It'll be both low-key and memorable.
  • Blue: Never out of style, the blues ran the gamut from soft and pastel (think aquamarine) to bold and daring (think scuba blue). The softer blues are better for the bride, but the bolder blues are perfect for the bridesmaids.

The designers really got creative this year with the colors, inspiring creativity all around. Custom wedding dress designers like Essense Designs have already listed many of these trends on their website as options for wedding dresses. You should have no problem finding (or designing!) a dress that's both trendy and unique to you.



Without a doubt, your bouquet is almost as important as your dress. It's the one thing that ties everything together. Think of it as the bow on top of the perfect present you just finished wrapping.

So what's the trend for bouquets this year? Wedding Ideas Mag has some perfect ideas. There's something here to fit everyone. Here are three of our favorites:

  • Flower Crown: It can compliment almost any look. It's sassy, romantic and elegant all at once. The best thing about it is you can use it to replace your bouquet - if you happen to be that bold.
  • Clean and Classic: It goes with any dress, any theme and any color. You can never go wrong with white roses or lilies. The key to pulling this off is keeping your flowers of the same variety, and keeping the bouquet small.
  • Straight from the Garden: Having your bouquet look like it was picked fresh from a garden gives you a wilder look. Wilder, but still put together, since they'll only be arranged to look like that.

We hope you can use these ideas in order to find your perfect wedding dress.

Remember, these are just ideas. The important thing is that you have fun with your wedding. Don't make it strictly trendy if that's not what you want. Don't wear a gown that isn't you just because it's in style at the moment.

Your day is important. It's the beginning of the rest of a new life for you. Make it special. The memories are going to last forever.

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