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YAL New York

Shopping can be exhausting. Waiting in lines, feeling overwhelmed by all the choices in the store and not really knowing what you are looking for. Does this ever sound like a situation you have had? I’m sure we all have experienced it a time or two. Even with all the frustrating emotions, we still love to shop! Why is that? Well I believe women are driven by the pleasure we receive when we step into that perfect dress. An inner confidence arises in us that catapult us into another planet. Fashion has a way of exuding an ideal lifestyle that provokes our attention

YAL New York

For the last 2 years, YAL New York has been captivating the world by the undeniable luxurious fabrics they offer. Yarns that are soft to the touch and appealing to the eye are shown consistent throughout this collection. YAL makes every woman feel empowered by providing a wide selection of innovated designs with a range of classy comfortable silhouettes. YAL is offered in more than 1500 boutiques around the globe. What once started in New York has now spread to corporate offices in Israel and New York.

YAL New York

Even though excellent quality is the driving force behind this brand, the attention to detail is incredible. Clean lines with a stroke of ordinate ruffles mixed together to finish the look beautifully.

Color and patterns are used sporadically to engage intentness on design. Different variations of fabrics are infused to create a 3D effect in the silhouettes.

YAL New York


Let’s get to know the creator behind this outstanding collection. We interviewed the CEO, Teddy Kafif.

How did you decide on the brand name, YAL New York?
TK: YAL New York was named after my fiancé’ Ayala “YAL” Nahum.

What is your goal for this company?
TK: Our goal was to create modest elegant looks for women to look their best at an affordable price.

What organizations do you partner with?
TK: YAL has worked with many charitable organizations like “Chabad” to help dress the needy young girls and “keren tzlach” that offers free clothing to young brides who cannot afford the simple clothing for their happy occasions.


It is impressive to see a brand that goes beyond the clothing rack and gives back to the community. By wearing YAL New York, not only are you going to feel confident on the inside, you can also be confident knowing that you are helping make a difference in someone else’s life!

To see more of this brand, go to http://www.yalnewyork.com/

Article By: Tosha Cole Clemens
Tosha has over 10 years’ experience in fashion production, product development, design, and sourcing. She has represented top companies that include, BEBE, Wet Seal, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, and Fox Racing. She provides consulting and also is a contributing fashion writer for several websites and the founder of www.NittyGrittyFashion.com and www.ToshaClemens.com

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