WILDE by Bohemian Society’s LEGGOYOURLOGO Collection O Review- An Interview with DTLA Fashion Designer Extraordinaire Victor Wilde


Any true follower of the underground Los Angeles fashion scene is a mega-fan of The Bohemian Society.  Founded in 2003 by designer Victor Wilde, The Bohemian Society is a highly conceptual, fashion meets high art brand, which has become a favorite among celebrities, stylists, influencers, editors like myself and of course hipsters who wish to be a part of the growing and beyond happening Downtown Los Angeles fashion sub-culture. 

WILDE by Bohemian Society is Victor Wilde’s newest namesake label, and his first venture into ready-to-wear.  His premiere collection, LEGGOYOURLOGO Collection O, is based on a series of video interviews, conducted by Victor, with chosen subjects from all walks of life.  The subject matter within each video remained consistent for each interviewee:  What does fashion mean to you?  However, the hook was that the interview must take place completely in the nude.


Now why, you may ask, would Victor choose to interview people in the buff about their thoughts and feelings about fashion?  Wouldn’t that be limiting for his video series viewership?   I had the chance to sit down with Victor Wilde to discuss his thoughts behind LEGGOYOURLOGO Collection O and all things Bohemian Society.

The Bohemian Society designer and founder Victor Wilde

TMW:  OK, so let’s get the burning question out of the way… Why all the nudity this season?

VW:  It started with an idea I had for a talk show which is all about fashion, but no one on the show wore clothing.  A sort of joke at first, and then it grew into something more serious and concrete. After ten years of being a fashion designer, I too was wondering what fashion and style really meant to me.   I thought:  to truly get an answer that was as "naked" as possible, the participants should be naked, like a newborn baby entering our world.   LEGGOYOURLOGO is like a wipe of the slate… a rebirth for me… 

TMW:  How did you first come up with the concept of LEGGOYOURLOGO Collection O?

VW:  I was going through a creative block and it suddenly hit me one morning that the naked talk show idea could be used to bring my creativity back by asking others what they thought and felt about fashion. Then the rebirth was in full swing.

TMW:  You launched The Bohemian Society in 2003.  What made you finally decide, after 12 years in business, to develop your first RTW line?

VW:  It was something that I always intended to do.  It was just the right time.

TMW:  How did you convince people to get naked with you and shoot this video docuseries? 

VW:  I just put it out there on social media and to my friends.  The people that responded were the people that were cast in the project.  I luckily didn't have to do much convincing especially after I fully explained what the project was all about.  Everyone involved was very willing to participate.

TMW:  Why the strategically placed red circles on the garments?

VW:  The circles are placed where a logo might be on the garment.  The circle shows the wearer’s skin as the logo.  Therefore fashion starts with the wearer.  You are your own logo and fashion brand.


TMW:  There’s a charitable mission attached to your line.  Can you tell me about that?

VW:  I live next to skid row in Downtown LA and I see people in need on a daily bases; it affects me greatly.  I decided to donate a piece of clothing to a person in need on skid row whenever there is a purchase made from the LEGGOYOURLOGO Collection O.  I am also filming each and every donation, and producing a separate piece with that footage.   

TMW:  LEGGOYOURLOGO Collection O was your first collection within WILDE by Bohemian Society.  What’s next for the brand? 

VW:  I intend to continue the LEGGOYOURLOGO project as i think it is an important conversation to have with the public.  The participants in the series are people from different geographical locations, sexualities, careers, lifestyles, etc.  I think this project can help bring people together.  Fashion in action.  

TMW:  This year, you also launched your first signature fragrance, aptly named SEX TAPE.  Any immediate plans for another scent?

VW:  Yes there is a second scent planned for the future, but I need to get Sex Tape more out there before I begin development on the next one.

TMW:  Last month, I saw some pretty extraordinary performance art images from the LA Weekly’s ARTOPIA event.  Again, people were naked; you painted their bodies live on a stage, and created both a large format painting and actually wearable clothing from the imprints of their naked bodies. Can you tell me about that?

VW:  Factory Fornication was a fashion meets art installation which brought the audience backstage view the process of creating fashion.  The audience saw art and fashion being made right before their eyes from start to finish.  I again chose to make the process "naked", not only physically with the models, but within the process itself.  The birth of a garment was the end result.

A model wears the garment created from the imprint of her nude body at the LA Weekly's 2015 ARTOPIA

TMW:  In five words, please describe yourself as a fashion designer.

VW:  You ain’t seen nothing yet…

For more information about The Bohemian Society and to view the LEGGOYOURLOGO Collection O video series, please visit The Bohemian Society website

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