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Vintage by Cathy Accessories Collection - The Art of Storytelling Through Fashion

By Laura Cochran

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Imagine taking your hobby that you love and making a company out of it to share with the world. Meet Cathy Weinstein Schiff: she is a dedicated therapist and loving wife and mother living in Atlanta. Now she can add successful accessories designer to that list thanks to her company, Vintage by Cathy! She took her love of antiques and heirlooms to another level when she accidentally broke her grandmother’s china. It occurred to her that she could take her beloved shattered china and give it an entirely new life in a belt buckle! That single idea has launched a second career for her! A fresh face on the fashion scene in Atlanta, her company just won the Daily Candy People's Choice Award for Start Small, Go Big. Vintage by Cathy is the one to watch! 

One of her favorite hobbies was scouring antique markets and estate sales looking for something that strikes her fancy. Now it is that hobby that fuels her inspiration! While running with her dog in the mornings she clears her head and waits for the inspiration to hit her for one of the lucky finds. She then goes home and meticulously plans out the design. She has a particular knack for placing broken pieces of china together in such a way that looks like a beautiful pattern. Each piece is one of a kind, handcrafted and made with love. Cathy researches each and every facet that goes into her belt buckles and hands over a beautiful story to go home with each and every lucky owner.

Buckle made from vintage Cameo. Antique estate china with hand painted gold.

Necklace made from 1909 postcard and 1930‘s bracelet link w/green glass center.

Buckle made from 1930’s family crest pin and Estate Piccard China w/hand-painted gold.

Her collection of belt buckles and jewelry run the gamut from Victorian cameos to funky beer bottle collages. Her personality, much like her collection, is an eclectic mosaic. No matter what the vocal point, she always takes the history and story behind the treasures and creates a piece of wearable artwork. For instance, take the “Floral Cameo” belt buckle. The background is a mosaic of broken estate china in a floral motif. The vocal point of the buckle is a hand painted porcelain cameo. The lucky owner of this recent creation will not only have an amazing story to tell but also a collector’s item to cherish forever. 

Buckle made from hand-painted porcelain Cameo. Antique estate china.

Cathy loves creating custom pieces made from her customer's own memories and mementos as well. If you have inherited your grandfather’s watch that is no longer working, she can take the gears and create a necklace. Or she can take that broken plate passed down to you from your great-grandmother and make a beautiful mosaic belt buckle. The possibilities are endless but the result is always unique and stunning. Ultimately, Vintage by Cathy gives her customers a new way to tell a story with their choice of fashion. Each of her client’s can’t wait to hear those five little words, “Where did you get that?” Then, Cathy’s dream and passion of storytelling can live on.

Buckle made from Western postcard circa 1940’s, adorned with vintage cowboy charms.

Let your imagination run wild with ideas and contact her for more information! Be sure to check out her website www.vintagejeansatlanta.com, as well as her etsy page and facebook page! 




Published on Mar 05, 2012

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