Venni Caprice - The Way Fashion was Meant to Be

Venni Caprice Handmade Clothing is more than a fashion line, it is in all actuality a person brought to life through clothing. Lori Kyler Christensen is Venni Caprice. She is the designer, pattern maker, sewer, photographer, marketer and networker, with that level of involvement you can guarantee that this clothing line has all of her heart in every stitch.

Lori is the antithesis of fashion today when if you have a famous or even semi-famous name, you can attach that name to a label and a big name store is going to stock its shelves with your merchandise. You might not know anything about fashion or you can have very little to do with the actual clothing line, but people get sucked in by that name. You might not know Lori’s name or her Venni Caprice clothing line, yet, but you certainly will remember her line of clothing after one look.

Most of Lori’s designs are a result of her visualizing the piece in her head and then finds fabric that she can incorporate into that design. She often uses the beach and sunset as the focal point of her clothing, so you can be sure to get something that is full of life. As you can imagine with Lori doing the work herself on each piece, you are going to get very high quality. Not only does Lori make sure that she uses top of the line fabric with each piece, but she is a perfectionist and it shows up in her work. Not a bad quality if you are buying from her, you don’t have to worry about some mass made product that might cut corners here and there to make sure their profit margin is as big as possible.

Perfect for a night out

“I never wanted to put out a collection that no one would actually wear, my clothes are very functional,” Lori said. “I don’t make too many and of any one piece, my customers are happy because they are taking a little piece of me with everything of mine that they wear.”

The Ultimate Hoodie

Lori has taken full advantage of social media and the advantage really goes to the customer. If you visit the Venni Caprice facebook page at!/VenniCapriceClothing you can find almost daily updates of what Lori is creating and you can see pictures of what she has for you. She lists the sizes and you can get in touch with her very easily to discuss a purchase or if you are looking for something else and you would like to work with Lori in developing it.

Next time you are looking for something that is going to WOW your friends or you need to make a great impression, make sure to check out Venni Caprice. You are sure to walk away with something original, stylish and beautiful that will leave everyone asking "who designed that?"

For more information on Venni Caprice clothing, visit:

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